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Meet Mark Belles.  He’s one of the original WHIMPs that started some unofficial trail building on Galbraith in the 80’s. Mark started riding in 1988 and has obviously seen a lot of change in the world of mountain biking. When asked about what he thinks is the greatest thing that has happened to the sport, he answers that it’s the growth and mass appeal to a wide variety of users ranging from kids to seniors and the large variety of riding styles ranging from XC to DH that are now out there.

Mark continues to do what he’s been doing for years and that’s building and maintaining trails and bridges and helping with new routes.  His most recent addition to our trail network are his imaginative, metal trail signs.  His art work greets you when you ride through the Pigs, Bob’s, Lost Giants, Hop Scotch, Dog Patch, Rock’n’Roll, and the Freedom Bridge.

Thanks for bringing some art back onto the mountain and for making our riding experience a little more cheerful!


The guys at Transition gave some love to their TAP trail Cheech and Chongs on Friday. They put in a nice reroute at the bottom to get around a low spot that had a nasty mud bog as well as throwing fresh dirt on berms and fixing other drainage issues.

2015 Trail Building Days Announced

Our very own Eric Brown has just released the build schedule for 2015. This is your year to come out and help support the WMBC and throw some dirt with us. We always have a great time rain or shine so hope to see you soon.

Saturday, January 17th Evo Overhaul and Stinger Rebuild
Saturday, January 31st Double Black (Larrabee State Park)
Sunday, February 8th Double Black (Larrabee State Park)
Saturday, February 21st – Galbraith – Sponsored by Mount Baker Bicycle Club
Sunday, March 1st – Larrabee
Saturday, March 14th Larrabee
Saturday, April 11th Larrabee
Sunday, April 25th Mullet on Galbraith
Saturday, May 2nd Galbraith
Sunday, May 17th Galbraith
Saturday May 30th Galbraith
Sunday June 7th Galbraith – Sponsored by Kulshan Cycles
Saturday, June 13th Galbraith

Larrabee Trail Days meet at 10am at the Clayton Beach/Lost Lake Parking Lot

Galbraith Trail Days meet at 9am at the Galbraith Lane Parking Lot on Samish Way.


Volunteers Working on the new Double Black Diamond Re-Route on the Chuckanuts

WMBC Announces Board Member Changes

The Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition has had a recent board shuffling and is proud to announce Barbara Karabin as the new president and Jeff Jaap as a new incoming board member. Matt Durand, the former president, has been on the WMBC Board for 8 years and has played an integral role in advancing the WMBC to where it is today. Matt recently took on the position of Principal of Mt. Baker Jr. and Sr. High School and needed to focus on his new role. He plans to stay involved as both an adviser and trail builder.

Barbara has served on the board for two years as the Vice-President and Director of Volunteers and has seamlessly stepped into her new role. She’s looking forward to keeping the momentum going as the organization continues to grow.

Jeff has been very involved in trail building and maintenance on Galbraith and the Chuckanuts for several years and is well known in the trail builder circles.  He’s lived in Bellingham for 15 years and enjoys building and riding all types of trails ranging from steep DH to flowy and/or technical XC. His most recent trail projects involve maintaining Whoopsie Woodle and Happy Hour.

For more information on the WMBC board, check out our website: http://wmbcmtb.org/board-members-and-volunteers/


Help Support the WMBC!

Happy Holidays everyone!

We’re kicking off our annual drive and we need your help.  If you like riding, running and hiking on local trails and want to see more trail access  in 2015, please consider donating to the WMBC.  We’ve got a lot on tap for next year and could use your help.



Shop Local for the Holidays!

Shopping for the holidays?  Make your gifts more meaningful by supporting your local businesses!  These businesses have been supporting the WMBC and giving back to the community.  Lets return the favor and spread the cheer!

For the complete list of sponsors click here: http://wmbcmtb.org/wmbc-sponsors/

bike shops terraingym_smallKona-Cog-logoNobleKlickslogoKULSHAN_Brewing_LOGO

Transition_Bikes_ Logo




Trail Director Takes Bellingham City Councilman for a Tour of Galbraith

WMBC Trail Director, Eric Brown takes Bellingham city councilman Michael Lilliquist for a tour of Galbraith mountain so that he can experience what mountain biking is like in Bellingham.  Here’s what he had to say.

Should the city invest in recreation and mountain biking on Galbraith Mountain?Galbraith is private commercial forestry land, located just outside city limits, that has also been a popular home for mountain biking and hiking, under a special arrangement with the owners. For several years people have been talking about making this arrangement permanent, through recreational easements and access agreements.The city could be a partner financially and otherwise.

To get a firsthand look and experience it for myself, I accepted an offer to go for a ride today with Eric Brown, Trail Director for the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition. wmbcmtb.org. WMBC builds and maintains the trails, and help to police the property so that it can still be harvested for timber.

And I’d like to thank Kevin of Transition Bikes, for loaning me his personal Smuggler to ride. Spoiled me for sure.

Given Bellingham’s reputation as a mecca for outdoor recreation, this seems like a natural fit. Can we have both, and so nearby? This is after all not a pristine forest, but managed timber land. What do you think?

— with Michael Lilliquist.

Follow his thread on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LilliquistForCityCouncil?fref=photo

OR, if you’re not on Facebook, and would like to show your support for this idea, send Michael and the city council an email at:   mlilliquist@cob.org and ccmail@cob.org

Jacks Build Day on Sunday December 7th


Head’s up! There will be a Ridge / Miranda build day this Sunday sponsored by Jacks Homegrown Racing from 9 – 2. The plan is to drain/rake the trail of all the leaves, do tread repair and re-build the cribbed section that has started to fail. Help lend a hand on what is arguably the most used trail on the mountain and then go home and watch the Hawks kick the Eagles butts!

Here’s a link for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1509165279359080/?ref=3&ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular


November 30th Trail Day: Double Black Diamond Reroute

We had a stellar crew of16  builders out in the frigid cold working on the biggest reroute on Double Black Diamond.  While the entrance to the reroute isn’t done, yet, we did get to where the exit will tie back into original DBD.

Andrew Wiley and Josh Poulsen working on a beautiful bench.

Andrew Wiley and Josh Poulsen working on a beautiful bench.

Bill Evans and David Conley digging up lots of Chuckanut sandstone to form a base for a bench.

Bill Evans and David Conley digging up lots of Chuckanut sandstone to form a base for a bench.

Lacy and Kevin's section:  before

Lacy and Kevin’s section: before

Lacy and Kevin's section:  After

Lacy and Kevin’s section: After

Devon was our youngest out there yesterday and worked hard all day.

Devon was our youngest out there yesterday and worked hard all day.

New section that drops through a small ravine.

New section that drops through a small ravine.

Jesse Griffin working on a section before a slight uphill.

Jesse Griffin working on a section before a slight uphill.

Jon cleaning out the organic.

Jon cleaning out the organic.

The crew was super efficient leap-frogging each other down the hill with lot of super nice benching taking place.

Rowan Yerxa and Bill Evans gettin' er done.

Rowan Yerxa and Bill Evans gettin’ er done.

Trish Griffen knocking out some benching.

Trish Griffen knocking out some benching.

Our plan is to work on the entrance to this section this week and get that dialed before we start to decommission the old section.

Grasshopper Build Day Summary

Yesterday was the first trail work day of the 2014/2015 build season on Grasshopper Trail at Galbraith Mountain. We roughed-in a loooo0o0ng berm just after the Alexis Step-Up. We removed two stumps and threw a hell of a lot of dirt.
To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the turnout to be so large on a day when there was trail work happening right down the road on Blanchard Mountain too. This didn’t seem to make much of an impact though, because we had 14 people come out to work! I think it really demonstrates the commitment of the trail users in the Bellingham community! Despite me being a bit unprepared for the number of people, we worked it out and did a pretty good job of keeping everyone busy.
Thanks to all involved including Shami, Austin, and Sonni Campbell, Chad Anderson, Dan Benowitz, Raf Torres, Darren Postma, Levi Postma, Logan Matz, Jim, Rodd Pemble, Ryan Roberts, and Ambrose Zhi.
Angus rolling a rock

Angus rolling a rock

Grasshopper Work Crew

Grasshopper Work Crew


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