Need Volunteers

We’re looking for volunteers to help out at the Enduro of Subdued Excitement on May 4th. You’ll get a subdued t-shirt, lunch and at least one cold Kulshan in the beer garden. Timing is going to be significantly easier and require less folks due to the use of the new sportident system that uses RFID timing chips. Please e-mail our Trail Director Eric Brown (who has organized this entire event) if you’re interested:

*** These events wouldn’t happen without your support and we thank you.***

Local Trail Builders Shredding Bikes

Local Bellingham trail builders Keland, Bobby, Josh and Cary shred some of our great Bellingham trails.

Lake Whatcom Reconveyance Planning Meeting

Tuesday, April 29th at 6:30pm

Bellingham Senior Activity Center

315 Halleck Street, Bellingham

This is the first of several meetings to develop the plan for the future of Whatcom County’s newest park area.  Parks & Recreation Staff will present a brief overview of the process, challenges and lands involved. Participants will be asked to help identify important issues, goals and oppurtunites to assist the planning process.

Participate in the planning process by attending the planning meetings or follow the process online at






April 15th, Larrabee State Park Long-Term Management Plan Meeting

We need another stellar turnout from our community for round two of the Long-Term Management Plan Meeting for Larrabee State Park.  Your attendance will help the State Parks better understand that mountain bikers are a growing user group and that the park should consider incorporating bike trails into their future trail plans.

Stage Two – Exploring alternative approaches

At this stage, the planning team suggests potential alternative approaches to address the various issues and concerns raised by people in stage one. No preferred alternative is established; rather this is an opportunity to understand the range of possibilities.

Some issues to consider raising:

  1. No authorized route below Double Black for mt. bikers.
  2. Limited # of trails in park means trail users often utilize  Cleator Road.
  3. Limited # of trails for mt. bikes makes it very hard to create an appropriate event/race route.
  4. Users are forced to trespass to get to Clayton Beach.

The second public workshop will be held on:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
6:30 to 8:30 pm
Fairhaven Public Library
1117 12th Street in Bellingham

You can get more information at
If you can’t attend, you can contact Randy Kline at (360) 902-8632 or send an email at:

More about the C.A.M.P. Process:

“Washington State Parks has begun a public process that will lead to a long-term management plan for Larrabee State Park. The planning process addresses overall visitor experiences, natural resources, use of park buildings, recreation areas and trails and other topics of interest to the community. The purpose of the meeting is to select land classifications within the park boundary. The classifications will be used to determine appropriate recreation uses and to inform operation of the park, taking into consideration any stewardship and protection concerns.

PT, Upper Ridge, Cedar Dust and Bob’s are now all open. There will still be logging activity on Family Fun Center early this week. Many thanks for the folks that helped out this morning and to our sponsor Performance Physical Therapy, Inc for breakfast and lunch! Keep checking in to learn about upcoming build days.



April 13th Build Day on Galbraith, Sponsored by Performance Physical Therapy

UPDATE: The build day will take place on the north side of Galbraith and we’ll be working on repairing Ridge Trail, Cedar Dust, and Bob’s. The tool trailer and central meeting place will be at the North Kiosk and we are still meeting at Lake Padden to carpool up to the site. Volunteers riding/hiking up to meet us from the north side, we recommend that you park at Whatcom Falls park in order to reduce traffic on Birch St.

There is a flurry of build activity on Galbraith due to the recent logging activity and we have chosen keep the next build day on Galbraith in order to restore the impacted trails. Come on out on Sunday, April 13th for the next monthly build day, which will be sponsored by Performance Physical Therapy. Plan on meeting above the Lake Padden softball fields at 8:45 to catch a ride up the mountain. The projects are yet to be determined but we’ll be sure to let you know later this week. Bring water, good work clothes and a pair of gloves. We’ll provide the rest.

If you can’t make it to this build day, check our trail calendar to see what our TAP sponsors are up to and tag along.

April 4th Trail Day Summary: Zodiac Aerospace on Whoopsie Woodle

We had a small but dedicated crew of 16 volunteers from Zodiac Aerospace working on reopening a section of Whoopsie Woodle impacted by the recent logging last Friday.  The trail was damaged beyond recognition and buried with debris, so a short reroute was put in above the logged area and through a small stand of cedars.  The damaged section of trail had a couple switch back corners followed by a shallow creek crossing and a long straight uphill.  The reroute will avoid the uphill straight section and cross the creek a bit higher up the hill which should keep the downhill flow of the trail going all the way to the rock slab corner down lower.  Materials for a cedar bridge over the soggy creek are being gathered, and should be completed in the next week or two.

A big thank you to those who took a little time away from work to give back to the trails and Zodiac Aerospace for supporting the WMBC’s TAP!  The TAP volunteers will be back out again in a few weeks to pick up where we left off.

P1040165 P1040213

April 7th Galbraith Trail and Logging Update:

Quick update on Recent Trail work and Timber Harvest Activity:

Janicki Logging is going to stay on the mountain for an extra week with the goal of thinning in the Upper Ridge, FF Center, Upper Bob’s and Cedar Dust areas.  WE’D HIGHLY ENCOURAGE

Logging in the Upper Ridge / Kiosk area.

Logging in the Upper Ridge / Kiosk area.

RIDERS TO STAY OUT OF THIS AREA DURING WEEKDAYS UNTIL 3:30!!   These trails will be flagged off with signage as necessary.  If you absolutely must go up the north side during weekdays, please use the road from the Big Gnarly/viewpoint on the Ridge or alternatively go over to the Old UP by SST.

Trails that are NOW Open:

Evolution, U Line, Scorpion, Whoopsie Woodle, Papa Bear, Lost Sole and Goldilocks.  Papa Bear, Lost Sole and Goldilocks were just cleared and will get some further cleanup this week.  Lower Whoopsie Woodle will see a new bridge as well.

Trails that are currently or will be CLOSED:

Bob’s and the Upper Ridge – Janicki is actively harvesting in this area.

PT is still really mushy, but Freehub Mag has gone in and done some impressive work to fix one of those sections.  Hopefully with a bit more dry weather, it can get re-opened asap.

 NOTE:  Family Fun Center and Cedar Dust will be closed shortly.

March 24 Trail Update

Quick update on Timber harvesting and Trails:

Trails that are now OPEN:

Evolution, U Line and Scorpion.  Please be careful with soft dirt on U Line jumps.

Trails still CLOSED:

PT – it’s still really mushy, but Freehub Mag has gone in and done some impressive work to fix one of those sections and will be working on it more this week.

Lost Sole – This area was just finished logging and is about half covered in branches.  We’ll assess this area better this week.

Papa Bear – This area was just finished logging and is about half covered in branches.

Bob’s – Janicki is actively harvesting in this area.

Trail Closures / Logging update

After Saturday’s extensive dirt work and several WET days (3″ of rain) this week, we are asking riders to please stay off the below trails.  They are very mucky and we need the dirt to firm up first.

As such, we have closed the following:  Evolution, Scorpion, Unemployment Line and PT.

Trails that are open in that zone are:
Wonderland, Keystone, Kaiser, Mullet, Cheech and Chongs, Safety Break, Meth Lab, The Pigs, A Dog.

Also, Papa Bear and Lost Sole just finished getting logged.  We’ll assess how much work will be needed and get on those asap.  We’ll keep you posted on trailwork on those.

Northside Update:
Janicki crews are moving towards the 4 way intersection of Upper Bob’s, The Ridge, Cedar Dust and FF Center.  At this point, only Upper Bob’s is shut down and flagged off.  Please stay off of Bob’s until further notice and we’ll let folks know when the other trails are closing.  At that point, north side access will be HIGHLY limited.

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