June 2015 Logging on Galbraith

June Logging Update:

Janicki’s crews are currently logging the lower section on the southside below the pipeline.  That area doesn’t have any trails that are affected, so no closures to report.  That said, please expect increased vehicle traffic on the roads during the next 5 weeks and plan your routes accordingly.

As the loggers leave each zone, we will need folks to help us get these trails cleaned up and re-opened.  Please share with all of your riding friends and respect any trail closures for your safety and the safety of the loggers who are working closely with the WMBC to mitigate damage to the trails.

Zone 2:  Starting on Monday, June 1st, we will be closing From Here to There and 2 1/2 as the loggers move into that zone.

June 2015 - Zone 2 Logging

June 2015 – Zone 2 Logging

Zone 3:  From there, they will move down to the 1200 road and log the Eastern ends of Cedar Dust, Family Fun Center, Candy and the section of SST below the road crossing.  We will aim to have Cedar Dust re-opened as soon as they’ve moved through there to allow northside access, but the other trails will be closed for a longer duration.

June 2015 -  Zone 3 Logging

June 2015 – Zone 3 Logging

Zone 4:  This will affect Hop Scotch and Kaya.  Trail users should expect lots of traffic on Pipeline  Road during this time.

June 2015 - Zone 4 Logging

June 2015 – Zone 4 Logging

Sunday Build Day – Kaiser – Sponsored by Greater Bellingham Running Club

Hi all,

We are going to be rebuilding the North end of Kaiser and giving the rest of the trail this Sunday with the support of the Greater Bellingham Running Club (GBRC).

We’ll be meeting before the Lake Padden Softball fields at 9 AM and then head up the hill from there.  If folks want to run or ride to the build zone, we’ll be driving to the new exit at the north end of the trail  – close to Bottle Opener.



Kaiser build day

Kaiser build day


This Is How We Build Berms

Great shot from local photographer Brandon Sawaya of Lars Sternberg on some of Andrew’s new dirt work on lower U-Line on Galbraith.


Volunteer of the Month – Andrew Fletcher-Love

Andrew and John meticulously sweeping and compacting a massive berm.

Andrew and John meticulously sweeping and compacting a massive berm.

Back in October of 2009, Andrew Fletcher-Love put an ad on Craigslist that said: “I build Mt bike parks for your backyard” and he included several pictures of beautiful berms, jumps and pumpers.  A friend saw the ad and sent it to Eric Brown who immediately contacted Andrew via Craigslist.

After several  emails and a conversation over a beer with Andrew, both Eric and Bill Hawk knew that this guy was a pro trail builder and a wizard with a machine.  The timing for that initial meeting couldn’t have been better as Andrew was about to complete his season building elsewhere and we were about to start on a couple of much-anticipated projects.

So, in December of 2009, Andrew, Bill, Eric, Colin Tobin and a builder friend from the Whistler Bike Park, Duncan MacKenzie (RIP), hiked and flagged two machine built trails including the area where “The Luge” was located.  That February, Andrew spent 3 weeks in a mini-excavator expertly crafting Unemployment Line with the help of many trail builders who shaped every jump, pump and berm.  He has since gone back and made some adjustments to the trail, but it largely remains as it was originally built.

Over the past 5 years, the trail’s held up remarkably well – even with minimal maintenance – and is a testament to Andrew’s initial efforts…..it is usually the best draining trail on the hill.  Recently, with the trail in need of some updates, Andrew (aka, Terratactile Trailbuilding) wanted to do more than just give the trail some fresh dirt.  So, he conned/ recruited his good buddy, John Miller, to help shape the dirt and they coordinated their vacations where they spent NINE 12 hour days rebuilding the lower third of the trail with the help of Terrain Gym and Birch Equipment.

If folks haven’t ridden the recently completed trailwork, it’s truly amazing and it’s also given that lower section of trail a whole new life…..it also has two of the biggest berms in Washington State!   Thanks to Andrew and John for the amazing work and a big thanks to Terrain Gym and Birch Equipment for the support on this project!!

More on Ski to Sea

ski to sea

A few WMBC volunteers are looking to band together and support a portion of the mountain bike leg in the Ski to Sea race.  Eight more people are needed to complete their group.  Again, if you’re available on May 24th and want to hang out with other WMBC volunteers, please e-mail volunteer@skitosea.com and say that you’re with the WMBC.

Cascade Effect – New Bike Magazine Article

The most recent Bike Magazine has an article about our little community titled “Cascade Effect”.  Thanks to Colin Wiseman for the kind words….nice shot of Mandell on one of Chuckanut’s rooty sections too!

Bike Magazine Bellingham

Sunday Build Day at Larrabee State Park

We’ll be working on more corridor clearing on the new Lower DBD trail at Larrabee State Park this Sunday.  Thanks to REI for sponsoring this project through fruition!

We will meet at the Lost Lake / Clayton Beach Parking lot at 10 AM and we’ll hike UP the bottom of the trail and work on more corridor clearing, roughing in trail and doing some benching.  Based on current progress, we should easily connect the upper and lower corridor this week and focus on the two challenging bench sections.

Come and check out this amazing project in some unreal woods!




Lost Lake / Clayton Beach Parking Lot

Lost Lake / Clayton Beach Parking Lot

Bellingham’s Rolfers Fundraiser for the WMBC May 31st


Click on photo to enlarge for event details.

Surfin’ Turf CLOSED. Stumpwater to be CLOSED this week.

On Friday afternoon, we received notice from Whatcom County Parks that they had a crew closing down the Surfin’ Turf trail on Stewart Mountain and plan to close down the Stumpwater trail on Lookout Mountain for riders sometime this week.  Many folks aren’t aware, but they were signed closed over a year ago, but those signs were torn down and people continued to ride the trails.  Please spread the word, folks.

If you’d like to give input or comment on this subject or any other trails on Stewart and Lookout Mountains, you can do so at: parks@co.whatcom.wa.us

This is a good reminder that we are in the middle of the trail planning process, so everyone’s input and attendance at these meetings is important. You can learn more about that process here:  http://wmbcmtb.org/2015/03/25/action-alert-whatcom-county-parks-wants-your-input/

Below is a brief response/explanation from Whatcom County Parks on these particular closures and where we are in the planning process:

The crew is replacing the closed signs, restorations and fencing that was vandalized on the two unauthorized and unpermitted trail segments.  These areas have been closed since 2013 due to unacceptable liability exposure, resource damage and water quality concerns.

As previously shared, these trails will remain closed until either incorporated into an approved trail system with all the deficiencies corrected or will be fully decommissioned.  We hope riders respect the closures and make efforts to curtail the illegal trail building within their ranks so these issues can be properly addressed in the planning process.  Vandalizing public property and resources only makes it difficult to advocate for this activity and for others to support its allowance in the Lake Whatcom watershed.  I will note that only these two trails are currently closed and we’ve purposely left other unauthorized trails open for use during this interim period.  These other trails will remain open as long as there is no new construction activity or public safety or resource issues.  I ask for everyone’s continued patience so we can successfully get a plan approved and begin the building of the trails system.

Chuckanut Trailday Recap

Many thanks to the 36 people who took a beautiful day off the bike on Saturday help clear a whole bunch of corridor on the new trail below Double Black Diamond.  Some sections got raked and roughed in and some sections had significantly more dirt work done with benching and hole filling.

We worked from the bottom up yesterday and with the stellar amount of progress, we might actually be able to connect the corridor on our next build day (May 17th – mark it in your calendars!).    Also, many thanks to REI who sponsored the day and supporting this project throughout the process.

Morning briefing session.

Morning briefing session.

Dan and Csaba showing the young guns how it's done.

Dan and Csaba showing the young guns how it’s done.

Mike, Dave and crew rolling rounds out of the way.

Mike, Dave and crew rolling rounds out of the way.

Glenn, Steve and Jonah getting this zone cleared for benching.

Glenn, Steve and Jonah getting this zone cleared for benching.

Csaba and Javon getting it cleared.

Csaba and Javon getting it cleared.

finished - Csaba, Javon, Mike and crew got this bench dialed.

finished – Csaba, Javon, Mike and crew got this bench dialed.

Before the catch berm and bench were put in.

Before the catch berm and bench were put in.

Finished - Catch berm done thanks to Andrew Wiley, Steve Vogel and Jonah.

Finished – Catch berm done thanks to Andrew Wiley, Steve Vogel and Jonah.

End of the day wrap up.

End of the day wrap up.



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