Evolution trailday this Sunday – Sponsored by Burlington Physical Therapy

Join us this Sunday to continue giving Evolution some upgrades.  The plan is to work bottom up and give the whole lower half a full overhaul.

Our sponsor will be the good folks at Burlington Physical Therapy and our plan is to meet at the Galbraith Lane parking lot off Samish Way at 9 and drive up from there.  Bring your bike if want to ride after!

Saturday (2/21) Trail day on Bottle Opener

The good folks at the Mt. Baker Bicycle Club are sponsoring Saturday’s trailday. Weather looks good, so come out and help get Bottle Opener in good order for the year. We’ll be meeting at the Galbraith Lane at 9 AM and driving up from there. If you want to ride out, bring your bike and catch a ride up. Or alternatively, ride up and join us. If we have enough folks, we’ll work up Keystone as well.

Also, the Fragrance Lake Half Marathon is happening on Chuckanut this Saturday. This would be a good day to stay away from Larrabee as the trails will be full of racers.


Annual Board Retreat

Just finished up your annual board retreat and working on plans for the upcoming year and beyond.  Super productive retreat that definitely left us excited about this upcoming year. We have some big plans for the future with education, advocacy projects, new trails and events in the mountains.  More than ever we are going to need the support of our community so please reach out to us if you want to help volunteer or donate.


Val, Eric, Barbara, Thad, Kevin, Hale, Blake, Jeff

Volunteer of the Month: Mike Storm (AKA Manual Mike)

If you’ve ever been to the civic field dirt jump park or ridden Grasshopper on Galbraith,  you have Mike to thank.  He’s been instrumental in keeping the DJ Park running, not just by dirt work but also by dealing with the city.  Mike runs regular crews on Grasshopper, making it one of the most loved jump trails on Galbraith.  Mike hails from North Carolina.  When not on the bike you’ll find mike hanging with his daughter and fellow shredder wife,  Tanya.   Thanks for all your hard work Mike!


2015 Trail Adoption Sponsors Announced

2015 WMBC TAP Page Top

All these awesome companies and individuals will be going the extra mile to make Galbraith trails better than ever and maintained throughout the year. Be sure to thank them for all their hard work.

Anvil Corporation Prison Love
Bellingham Cycle Works Oly
Bike Sport 3 Pigs
Birch Equipment Lost Giants
Bob Torset Bob’s Trail
Brown Dog Bike Atomic Dog
Diamond B Constructors Kung Fu / Tough Love
Earl’s Bike Shop Banditos
Fairhaven Bikes Kaiya
Fanatik Bike Company SST
Freehub Magazine PT / Eagle Scout / The Sh!t
Jack’s Bicycle Center and Homegrown Racing The Ridge and Miranda
Kona Bikes Devil cross
Kulshan Brewing Rock n Roll
Kulshan Cycles Cedar Dust
Lone Jack Coffee Pony Express
Manual Mike Grasshopper
Matrix Services Scorpion
Skagit Naturopathic Clinic Wonderland
Superfeet Intestine
Terrain Gym / Terratactile Trailbuilding Unemployment Line
Transition Bikes Cheech and Chong’s
WECU Family Fun Center
Zodiac Aerospace Whoopsie Woodle

WECU gives Family Fun Center some drainage work

Thanks to Brian Rhodes and the fine folks at WECU for braving the rain on Saturday morning to give Family Fun Center some drainage work.

Family Fun Center Gets some drainage love from WECU!

Family Fun Center Gets some drainage love from WECU!

From Brian:

“The WECU staff had a blast up on Galbraith clearing drains and raking off pine needles from the Family Fun Center.  We were really excited to see the new sign at the entrance as well.  We had 18 people out for 1.5 hours clearing trails in the rain and they we were all still smiling at the end.”

Sunday Larrabee Build Day – Cancelled

Hi folks, it’s looking like we’re going to continue in this really wet stretch for the next few days.

As such, we are POSTPONING the Larrabee build day this Sunday…..we’d make a bigger mess than we’d clean up.

There will be a few smaller crews doing drainage work this weekend on Galby,  Stay tuned for a reschedule.  With this amount of precip, it’s too bad, it’s not 10 degrees cooler….Baker sure could use some love!

New Interactive Galbraith PDF Map Available

We are super excited to announce a new interactive downloadable PDF map you can use on your phone.  The PDF map works with the GPS in your phone to pinpoint your exact location on the trail so no more getting lost. The map is an exact copy of the updated printed map brought to us by Chris Behee.  You can download the Map here for $14.99 with proceeds going to the WMBC.


Volunteer Of The Month


Meet Mark Belles.  He’s one of the original WHIMPs that started some unofficial trail building on Galbraith in the 80’s. Mark started riding in 1988 and has obviously seen a lot of change in the world of mountain biking. When asked about what he thinks is the greatest thing that has happened to the sport, he answers that it’s the growth and mass appeal to a wide variety of users ranging from kids to seniors and the large variety of riding styles ranging from XC to DH that are now out there.

Mark continues to do what he’s been doing for years and that’s building and maintaining trails and bridges and helping with new routes.  His most recent addition to our trail network are his imaginative, metal trail signs.  His art work greets you when you ride through the Pigs, Bob’s, Lost Giants, Hop Scotch, Dog Patch, Rock’n’Roll, and the Freedom Bridge.

Thanks for bringing some art back onto the mountain and for making our riding experience a little more cheerful!


The guys at Transition gave some love to their TAP trail Cheech and Chongs on Friday. They put in a nice reroute at the bottom to get around a low spot that had a nasty mud bog as well as throwing fresh dirt on berms and fixing other drainage issues.


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