BIKETOWN Trailer Premier at Shoot the Trails

Port Side Productions will be premiering their documentary trailer at the 2019 Shoot the Trails! Want to attend, but your local bike shop is out of tickets? VIP Jump tickets can be purchased online here

2019 Shoot the Trails VIP Jump Ticket

For the first time, we are offering ticket purchases online! This VIP ticket is limited to 100 attendees and can be purchased here

Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day

TKMBD 2019 insta_v2

Youth Trail Corps Fall 2019

YTC Fall Trail Days


What is WMBC-YTC (Youth Trail Corp)?

YTC is all about: Middle and High school youth focusing on trail science and the art of building and maintaining a good trail, spending quality time outdoors, safe tool use and management, learning about trail building standards, , forestry, teamwork,, self reliance,  service learning and a host of other topics that are integral to being a proficient trail builder. YTC youth can embrace trail building as an integral component to their mountain bike passion. 


YTC is working on fun, achievable projects this year. We will be involved in many different trail issues that the Trail Build Leaders and YTC youth come up with together. 

Our Fall 2019 season will continue working with seasoned and new YTC members. This fall we are offering a pilot 4-5 grade YTC trail day.  We will typically be working on Galbraith Mountain trails (and elsewhere) as opportunity abounds in our region. See below for more information and Registration Link.



YTC Trail Day: Each day begins with meeting at our assigned location at 8:45, gathering as a group and departing at 9:00, riding your bikes up to base camp for the day, dropping off any extra stuff and working on the project designated for the day..  We will return to established base for lunch (provided by WMBC)and apply finishing touches if needed on the day’s trail project.. What is left of the day will be hitting the trails for some riding and trail discussion with your amazing Trail Builders. 

Each participant will bring  bike, water, helmet, appropriate layers for seasonable weather and a snack. 

Kids will experience being outside all day working with youth crews and Trail Crew Leaders and learning some educational components of Trail Building. Groups stop for a hot lunch and a few breaks during the day. We will wrap up the trail building portion of the day, jump on our bikes and ride together finishing up at the Samish Parking Lot at 3:00 to meet parents for pick up. 

See Fall schedule and links below.


We have a variety of projects lined out for the fall season;  One of our days we will be meeting at the Hertz parking lot to work on Brown Pow and at the end of the day the kids will get the chance to ride this much talked about new addition in our Whatcom County trail quiver. 


Passports and shirts: 

When you attend 2  YTC days you earn one of our legendary ¾ YTC bike jerseys. 

This fall we have a passport system that will mean for all the hours you put in with YTC, you will be offered various fun schwag like t shirts, sweatshirts, and other bike stuff.. We will be keeping track of tasks accomplished on your YTC trail day. 

Some of the kids have put in many days with YTC over the last few years. Those kids are all eligible for our awesome YTC hoody. Moving forward, we will be offering a goody for every 2 days you participate. 

Please contact Char if your youth is interested in a hoody from their past hours. (Must have attended 4+ YTC trail days). 


Fall 2019:

Fall time is a great time to get outside to ride and work on trails. This season we are offering some great options for youth in Whatcom County including a pilot 4-5 grade trail day due to popular request. 

We are offering 4 YTC trail days.

Dates for Alder group:4-5 grade 

9/21- 4-5 Grade trail day/ Alder group. Join Jon Hansen and Dale Shahan on this day: buff out some lower sections of Atomic Dog..


Dates for Cedar group: middle and high school

9/28- Brown Pow trail day. Join Bill Hawk and Dale Shahan for National Outdoor Day over on Stewart Mountain. We will meet at Hertz parking lot on the south end of Lake Whatcom, shuttle up to work site and ride out on Brown Pow at end of the day. 

10/19- Woopsie Woodle trail and structure rework with Jeff Jaap and Dale Shahan 10/26 – Das Autobahn rework with Shamash Campbell and Dale Shahan : let’s get this trail rockin!


Registration: YTC Fall 2019 Registration/Links


Winter: We will be offering our youth first aid class this winter with Marie Bussard. Please let me know if your youth would be interested and I will add their name to our list. 

Please contact Char Waller, WMBC Education Director for any additional information.


Herbicide Spraying on Roads

HI all,

A quick head’s up that there will be herbicide spraying along several of the roads on Galbraith tomorrow / Thursday September 5th.  We’d ask you to avoid riding on the highlighted roads for 24 hours  (see below image).

We’ll be sharing this via our social media channels as well, but please share accordingly!


Recap: Whatcom World Cup #2 – Sponsored by Transition Bikes

A huge thank you to Transition Bikes, our volunteers, 96 racers, our photographers (Erik Arcus and Skye Schillhammer), our timers (Marc and Corbin from Pacific Multisports) and the hecklers who came out to help cheer on for our 2nd Whatcom World Cup.   Our first racer dropped in at 6:30 and we elected to have 30 second intervals to ensure we got off the hill at a reasonable hour.

The course was on some of the most popular trails and was fun route from the top of the mountain down to the bottom – Evo, Pump Track, The Sh*t, Eagle Scout to A-Dog.

WWC 2 – Evo to A Dog

Full results are here:  Whatcom World Cup 2 – Evo to A Dog.

Images from Lone Tree Photography can be found here.

Our current Schedule and more details about the Whatcom World Cup can be found here.

Ready to race. Photo: Skye Schillhammer

Getting focused before dropping in. Photo: Skye Schillhammer

Finnegan McDermott on his way to winning 12-14 year old category. Photo: Skye Schillhammer

Tyler Caldwell airing it out on Evo. Photo: Skye Schillhammer

Andrew Keller on Evo post crash. Photo: Skye Schillhammer

Air Time. Photo: Skye Schillhammer

Cory Rand getting after it. Photo: Skye Schillhammer

Chaz Bromont gettin steezy. Photo: Skye Schillhammer

Thanks to Chef Kev for manning the bbq all night! Photo: Skye Schillhammer

12-14 year old podium 1. Finnegan McDermott 2. Gabe Henderson and 3. Alec Rodriguez Photo: Skye Schillhammer

Sarah Finger on her first ever bike race! Photo: Skye Schillhammer

Men’s Podium: 1. Lars Sternberg 2. Eric Olsen and 3. Craig Folsom Photo: Skye Schillhammer

Women’s Top 3: 1. Lili Heim 2. Courtney McFadden (not pictured) 3. Liz Braml Photo: Skye Schillhammer

A racer drops into A Dog. Photo: Skye Schillhammer


Whatcom World Cup #1 Recap – Mullet to Cheech and Chong’s Wild Ride

Trevor Weston jumping before road on Mullet. Photo: Erik Arcus

A huge thank you to our volunteers, 78 racers, photographers (Erik Arcus and Tony Lathrop), timers (Marc and Corbin) and hecklers who came out to brave the elements last night for our first-ever Whatcom World Cup.   Our first racer dropped in at 6:10 and we were done by 7:30’ish in a gnarly rainstorm.

Bryan Robertson on the slick Mullet bridge Photo: Erik Arcus

To call last night”wet” would be an understatement, but no one batted an eye and there were smiles all around.  In fact, it was so wet that Marc’s keyboard for his timing system got drenched and so we couldn’t determine the results last night.  Big props to Marc and Corbin from Pacific Multisport for fitting our series into their already busy schedule!

Gus Rodriguez corning on Mullet Photo: Erik Arcus

We elected to start the WWC series of with a couple of old favorites and both Mullet and Cheech delivered a fun course for our racers.  Hope to see folks next week…the course will be announced on Tuesday!

Full results are in the links below:

2019 Whatcom World Cup Results – Age Categories

2019 Whatcom World Cup Overall Results (week 1)

Image Gallery from Tony Lathrop.

Pete Sharp pinned before entering Chech and Chong’s  Photo: Erik Arcus

Our tentative Schedule and more details about the Whatcom World Cup can be found here.


Cory Rand in the heavy rain on Cheech and Chongs Photo: Tony Lathrop

Spring/Summer Youth Programs

WMBC Youth Education is just finishing up with all our spring programming.          Getting kids outside interacting with the natural world is our Education focus.

Spring recap:

After School Rides: We had a record amount of schools and riders participating this spring in our After School Ride Programs. Elementary, Middle, High School and Flying Squirrels girls group that reached out to many different abilities in our community.  We had close to 300 kids participating in rides all spring.593A1BB8-7313-4E5F-B54A-420C43A07689

Vamos Outdoors Project: 12 Latinx youth participated in this spring After School Ride Program. This underserved population had the chance to learn how to ride mountain bikes on Galbraith Mountain 1x a week this spring. They worked on their bike handling skills along with 2 service learning/trail build days. Their dedication and progression allowed them to make it to Unemployment Line, Mullet and Cheech & Chongs. The excitement after riding these trails was high and we extended our schedule an extra 2 weeks. This summer has 4 ride days scheduled, and we are working on expanding this program for the fall. The word has gotten out to other kids on how much fun riding mountain bikes is (we know that!)!. This program was made possible by generous grants from Phillips 66 and Kona Bikes. A51CCDA4-FB10-4ABC-97A7-2F36AA0A89F9photo courtesy Paul Kelly

Youth First Aid Class:We offered a youth first aid class for grades 5-12 led by Marie Bussard (one of our local paramedics and firefighters). This will be offered annually and is targeted for youth riders in our community that are starting to ride or now riding without adult. The goal is to provide them with some useful strategies to deal with a medical mishap on the trails.

Youth Trail Corps: We offered a total of 4 Youth Trail Corps days this spring. This  mostly middle school group spends part of the day working on a trail project on Galbraith Mountain, lunch provided, and the other part riding bikes as a group on Galbraith with some of our awesome trail build leaders, Dale Shahan, Bill Hawk and Shamash Campbell.  They did some fantastic projects this spring.

We are hosting a one week summer camp August 12-16 for this crew. YTC Summer Camp Registration Information

YTC Summer Camp 2019

8C112BE4-F88C-4BEE-85B7-2AAF83E084B0Spring 2019 YTC Day 

Rodeos: WMBC funded 17 of the 26 Bike Rodeos run by Chris Mellick/RRAD held annually at all Bellingham Public Elementary schools and Whatcom County. The Bike Rodeos are a highlight for many of the kids. We get lots of feedback that this is one of their favorite days of the year. AB1566A7-E274-43DF-B9A2-2B1745F25A6E

Service Learning: WMBC funded the middle school service learning project for 8th grade youth at Shuksan and Fairhaven Middle School. Youth learn about building and maintaining trails as well as helping Chris Mellick/RRAD out with the Bike Rodeos. 28 kids participated this spring.SSTTrailday-7

Ride Leader Certification: We funded 24 Ride Leaders this spring through the BICP and Zoae Spackman. If you are interested in starting your own group or want to connect with an existing group contact chardotw@gmail.com91F605BE-2BE7-4DAB-AFE4-E0566F324F55

Thanks to the following businesses that have helped make these programs possible:

Kona Bikes, Fanatik Bike,  Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery,  Fairhaven Bicycles, Transition Bikes, High Above Designs, Dakine, Bellingham Cycle WorksNorthwest Recycling, Trailboss USA, Erin Baker Cookies, RRAD, Bex DesignLiet Unlimited, BICP and Prevelo Bikes.

Any questions or interest in supporting any of these programs? Contact Education Director Char Waller at


The WMBC is hiring a Seasonal Trail Crew Lead

WMBC 3-15 build day 017_web

Moving and shaping dirt

Trail builders!

  • Do you love digging in the dirt?
  • Do you love working with awesome volunteers?
  • Do you love riding bikes on some of the best trails anywhere?

If the answer to the questions above are “yes”, then we are looking for you!   With the amount of projects on our plate, the time has come for the WMBC to step up our game and hire a Seasonal Trail Crew Lead.

You can learn more about the position here.  Resume’s are due on March 15th!