Civic Field Dirt Jump Park Upgrades Coming Soon

We have received the initial go ahead from the City Parks & Recreation Department to proceed with the renovation of the Civic Field Dirt Jump Park. Pending our preconstruction meeting we will begin work on June 18th, 2012.

In a testament to all the hard work put in by the dedicated DJ Park Volunteers led by Michael Storm, more than a few rider have said they feel the park is running better than ever! Which it is, but it could be better and the WMBC is going to make it TOP NOTCH!

Among the main goals of the rework will be to create more transfer lines, upgrade and complete an awesome pump track portion, reduce traffic on the take off hill and last but not least create some solid beginner lines.

Coast Construction will be donating time and labor to get the heavy machine work done but there will be need of hand shaping and general labor too. So keep an eye on the site and sign up for our Facebook page so you can get the updates.

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