Build Day Summary, Dec 2nd


Thanks to Fanatik Bikes for sponsoring a large maintenance day on Galbraith.  There were about 50 volunteers that turned out to give some love to many popular trails on the hill.  This day was totally dedicated to the’ super-glorified’ work of clearing drains and scraping the loam, which is standard yearly maintenance.  However, it was very noticeable all of the hard work over the last few years that enabled us to fully drain Evolution, CCWR, Meth Lab, most of Whoopsie Woodle, and half of Mullet.  In years past, it would have taken a full  build day to out slope, shape, and drain 1 trail.  When working with trails that see a high frequency of use, it is always important to keep the big picture in mind:  build and design sustainable trails that require minimal upkeep.  It is all of the volunteers over the years that has made Galbraith what it is today!  Thanks again Fanatik Bikes for motivating a crew to come out and make it happen.  Our next build day will be December 15th.


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