The WMBC is pleased to announce that the Whatcom Trails Co-op (WTC) has chosen to become a part of our organization. For those who are unaware of the WTC and their contributions to the mountain bike community, they are a local group of extremely passionate builders, riders, and advocates. Over the years, the WTC has played an integral part in our community’s relationship with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the push for legal downhill mountain bike trails on public lands. Most notably, they lead the charge on maintaining and legitimizing the North Fork trail network, organizing all of the builders, communicating regularly with the DNR (for the past 5 years), and providing an outlet for a grossly underrepresented community within our sport.
Additionally, they have communicated regularly with our legislatures and Whatcom County Council—as a matter of fact, last April the Whatcom County Council voted 7-0 to support the development and legalization of mountain biking on DNR land at the North Fork. They have also organized letter-writing campaigns from the mountain biking community to address the inequities of our user group not having access to recreate on public lands.
We have some of the best mountain biking in the country, and as an organization, the WMBC is very excited to bring in this additional level of cohesiveness, passion, knowledge, connections, and tenacity to our growing sport. In conjunction with this merger, we have officially changed our name (but thankfully not our acronym!) to the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition.

WMBC restructuring: The WMBC has restructured our organization to better serve the mountain bike community.

As an organization, we recognize how fortunate we are to have the quality mountain biking that we do in Whatcom County, but realize our sport is in need of maintaining what we have and increasing our ability to recreate on our public lands on a larger scale – this includes Whatcom County Parks, Larrabee State Park, and Department of Natural resources. In order to adapt to these issues, we have restructured our board into positions with specific roles and responsibilities. This will help to alleviate duplication and will lead to more cohesion, communication and efficiency. The new, current structure looks like this:
President – Matt Durand
Volunteer/Membership Coordinator – Barb Karabin
Advocacy Director – Eric Brown
Education Director – Mark Peterson
Trail Director – Rowan Yerxa
Communication/Marketing Director – Kevin Menard
At Large – Thad Quinn

Stay tuned to our website for the specific responsibilities of each position, and how to get more involved with the WMBC

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