Fairhaven Bike Trail Day Summary

We had 15  volunteers show up for the Fairhaven Bike sponsored WMBC trail day at Galbraith. We gave some much needed TLC to Cheech and Chong’s Wild Ride.

Highlights of the work done:
1) Worked on the berm/landing right after the skinny-to-drop at the entry by adding dirt and buffing.
2) Built up the right handed berm just after the entry. It’s taller, wider, longer and much more fun.
3) Buffed the first 2 tabletops
4) Built up the landing for the step-up and buffed it. It’s now better sized for the speed that you get on the first two jumps.
5) Buffed the take-off and run-in of the tabletop before the rock berm and then completely reworked the landing.  The jump is now shorter with a long landing. Huge improvement! Check it out!
Thanks to all of the volunteers that came out to support the effort!
Mike Storm

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