May 18th Mullet Build Day Summary


Early morning showers gave way to overcast skies as a group of ~ 50 volunteer trail builders gave Mullet a super styling on Saturday, May 18. Overnight rain and cool temps made the dirt perfect for shaping and major sections of the trail were worked on to maintain and build up the trail. In an effort to speed up the top section, pumps and drains were added to some flatter spots and many holes were filled with rocks and gold dirt.

The lower section of the trail got buffed as well. 100’s of buckets of dirt and wheelbarrow loads were added to berms, jumps, and transitions. Many of the existing trail features have had dirt added to them and there are a couple new features to ride as well. Give it a roll through and a look before you hit them as things have changed. Riders can help by avoiding any ruts that develop in the soft dirt and take it easy for the next couple weeks while it packs in.

Thanks to Kona Bikes for sponsoring the day and to all the dedicated trail builders and new volunteers that came out to help.

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