WMBC Is Hiring

The WMBC is venturing into the world of its first paid employee!  As an organization we have been growing and the demands on the board are becoming too great to capitalize on the opportunities that are before us, such as access to new trails in Larabee State Park, Whatcom County Parks land (including the reconveyance), and Department of Natural Resources on Blanchard Mountain; this is in addition to our maintenance of existing trail networks like Galbraith Mountain, Chuckanut Mountain, Lake Padden, and City of Bellingham property.  Through the continued support of our local businesses, the general public, and the newly discovered gift that Whatcom Events will be donating, we are able to fund a part-time position.  The position is a Trail Director.  We are looking for the following:

The goal with this position is to be able to fund a full-time Trail Director.  Presently, we have this position funded at 50 hours a month average over the course of the year, some months more than others.  The pay range is $20-$30 an hour DOE.

Please submit a resume, cover letter, and any questions to admin@whimpsmtb.org, application deadline is July 30th 2013