Special Word from February’s Trail Day Sponsor, WWU Cycling Team

Yet another successful day of trail building with an amazing crew. WWU Cycyling is proud to have such a stellar cycling community surrounding us for a work day out on the beautiful Galbraith mountain. We got lots done on the new version of the Grasshopper trail. We managed to excavate most of the dirt needed for the Alexis Step UP! The brain child of this trail, Mike Storm, is a true visionary! We are so stoked to be working for and with him on this trail. I can say for myself that this trail allows you to send huge features with confidence, knowing you are in good hands.  The best part is, its only getting better with flow from the depths of a trail riders wet dream. We are already planning the next feature with complete trail cohesion in mind. Only good things to come from Mike Storm and the dedicated crew he works with. Special thanks to all of the WWU team and all of the awesome people who came out to help! We look forward to hosting another trail day soon.


WWU Cycling President

Daniel Benowitz

IMG_0818[1] IMG_0819[1] IMG_0820[1]

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