Ode to a Poo Bag

Here’s a clever way to remind folks that we have good intentions when using poo bags, but their purpose is defeated if they’re left behind.

I am a handy poo bag, made of plastic pure and tough.

But alas, as for my insides, they are filled with stinky stuff.


My purpose, not a noble one, but useful nonetheless.

For without me, it is clear to see, our town would be a mess.


Dog owners from all walks of life, and each ethnicity,

Can pick me up with confidence, and put their trust in me.


Responsible pet lovers are always in the know.

They can be sure; I am made strong, to last through sun and snow.


But sadly now, my tale will turn, to gloom instead of glee.

Once cherished, I’m abandoned now, as my handlers simply flee.


Their thoughts are good, and some would say, intentions are what count.

Yet the sight of me, strewn here and there, make tensions only mount.


So as you enjoy your doggy’s life, in city, field, and trail,

Remember please to use me well, then put me in the pail!

– Elaine Elkins

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