Quick update about the logging on Galbraith:

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  • Evolution, Scorpion, Whoopsie Woodle, PT, U Line, Prison Love:

Janicki is done thinning off of the 3000 road, so these trails are ready to get cleaned up this Saturday’s trail day and could use your help.  We’ll take the divide and conquer approach and have folks working on these trails.  The loggers did an amazing job working around the trails, so some of those trails will only need a few people and some will need more.

They’ve been waiting for the 2000 and 3000 road to haul logs off the hill, so there’s still big stacks of logs along the road.  Those should start getting hauled off in the next week, but it’ll be weather dependent.  Either way, we can work on those trails now.  When they start hauling logs from this area, we’ll ask riders to stay off the 3000 road until after 3:30 on weekdays.

  • Papa Bear, Lost Sole:

The loggers are currently thinning in the Papa Bear / Lost Sole area and will be in there for a week.  So, if you ride Wonderland, Oly, Keystone, Cabin, 187, Cougar and Mama Bear, please avoid that area and we’ll get in to re-open them as soon as they’re out.

  • 2000 and 3000 Road daylighting:

In the next couple of weeks, they will be thinning (aka, daylighting) these two roads to keep the trees from getting intertwined in the power lines.  When this takes place, southside access will be VERY limited for ~3 days and there will be NO riding on those two roads.  I’ll let you know when that happens, but we’ll have the road, kiosk, Samish parking lot heavily signed to warn riders/runners.

  • Upper Ridge, FF Center, Upper Bob’s, Cedar Dust

They will start working up from the Pipeline Road towards this area in the next couple of weeks.  Exact timing TBD.  When that takes place, north side access will be VERY limited and we’ll shut that area down during workdays.  When they get in the area around the kiosk, we’ll likely ask riders to use the south side access for that time.  We’ve flagged these trails really thoroughly, so our hope is to have another “divide and conquer” trail day immediately after they get out of this area.  We’ll give folks a head’s up as soon as we get the indication that they’ll be done.

Thanks to everyone for respecting the closures during harvest for your safety, the crew’s safety and for allowing them to do their job when they’re up on the hill.  I think its fair to say that Janicki has done a great job of mitigating damage to the trails whenever possible.  If you see their crews on the hill, give them a shout out.

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