Trail Closures / Logging update

After Saturday’s extensive dirt work and several WET days (3″ of rain) this week, we are asking riders to please stay off the below trails.  They are very mucky and we need the dirt to firm up first.

As such, we have closed the following:  Evolution, Scorpion, Unemployment Line and PT.

Trails that are open in that zone are:
Wonderland, Keystone, Kaiser, Mullet, Cheech and Chongs, Safety Break, Meth Lab, The Pigs, A Dog.

Also, Papa Bear and Lost Sole just finished getting logged.  We’ll assess how much work will be needed and get on those asap.  We’ll keep you posted on trailwork on those.

Northside Update:
Janicki crews are moving towards the 4 way intersection of Upper Bob’s, The Ridge, Cedar Dust and FF Center.  At this point, only Upper Bob’s is shut down and flagged off.  Please stay off of Bob’s until further notice and we’ll let folks know when the other trails are closing.  At that point, north side access will be HIGHLY limited.

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