April 7th Galbraith Trail and Logging Update:

Quick update on Recent Trail work and Timber Harvest Activity:

Janicki Logging is going to stay on the mountain for an extra week with the goal of thinning in the Upper Ridge, FF Center, Upper Bob’s and Cedar Dust areas.  WE’D HIGHLY ENCOURAGE

Logging in the Upper Ridge / Kiosk area.

Logging in the Upper Ridge / Kiosk area.

RIDERS TO STAY OUT OF THIS AREA DURING WEEKDAYS UNTIL 3:30!!   These trails will be flagged off with signage as necessary.  If you absolutely must go up the north side during weekdays, please use the road from the Big Gnarly/viewpoint on the Ridge or alternatively go over to the Old UP by SST.

Trails that are NOW Open:

Evolution, U Line, Scorpion, Whoopsie Woodle, Papa Bear, Lost Sole and Goldilocks.  Papa Bear, Lost Sole and Goldilocks were just cleared and will get some further cleanup this week.  Lower Whoopsie Woodle will see a new bridge as well.

Trails that are currently or will be CLOSED:

Bob’s and the Upper Ridge – Janicki is actively harvesting in this area.

PT is still really mushy, but Freehub Mag has gone in and done some impressive work to fix one of those sections.  Hopefully with a bit more dry weather, it can get re-opened asap.

 NOTE:  Family Fun Center and Cedar Dust will be closed shortly.

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