April 4th Trail Day Summary: Zodiac Aerospace on Whoopsie Woodle

We had a small but dedicated crew of 16 volunteers from Zodiac Aerospace working on reopening a section of Whoopsie Woodle impacted by the recent logging last Friday.  The trail was damaged beyond recognition and buried with debris, so a short reroute was put in above the logged area and through a small stand of cedars.  The damaged section of trail had a couple switch back corners followed by a shallow creek crossing and a long straight uphill.  The reroute will avoid the uphill straight section and cross the creek a bit higher up the hill which should keep the downhill flow of the trail going all the way to the rock slab corner down lower.  Materials for a cedar bridge over the soggy creek are being gathered, and should be completed in the next week or two.

A big thank you to those who took a little time away from work to give back to the trails and Zodiac Aerospace for supporting the WMBC’s TAP!  The TAP volunteers will be back out again in a few weeks to pick up where we left off.

P1040165 P1040213

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