2014 WMBC User Survey Results

Many thanks to those that responded to the 2014 Survey questions.  Below is a link to the Summary document.


About the Sample:

Over the course of a 10 week period between January 30th and April 18th, the WMBC conducted a survey to target trail users recreating on Galbraith Mountain and elsewhere in Whatcom County.  This survey was done entirely online utilizing surveymonkey web-based software.  The survey was sent out to the WMBC’s email list and promoted on the WMBC site, Facebook, Ridegalbraith.com, and mtbr.com.  Additionally, it was sent out to the Bellingham trail running community as well.

After a respondent completed the online survey, a cookie was dropped on their computer to ensure they couldn’t fill it out the survey more than once.  If a respondent tried to access the online survey again, they were redirected to the WMBC’s website (www.wmbcmtb.org).

Respondents were asked about their use of Galbraith Mountain trails, frequency of use, transportation and access points, preferred riding styles, gender, age, duration of visit, family income, mt. biking experience and area of residence.  For any non-Whatcom County residents, we asked about their use of local businesses during their visits to Galbraith Mountain.  For residents of Bellingham and Whatcom County, we asked them about the importance of trails in their overall lives.

Profile of Typical Galbraith Trail User:

The typical respondent is male, between 30-49 years old, with ten years plus of mountain biking experience and an annual family income of $50k+ .  They use Galbraith Mountain weekly spending 2-3 hours on the trails.  Because the typical respondent lives in Bellingham, they often ride to the trails and recreate with groups consisting of anywhere between 2-5 people.


Riders residing outside of Bellingham or Whatcom County represented 31.5% of total respondents.  These people are affluent (67% with an income of $70k+) and 53% spend a minimum of $40 per visit at breweries, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, bike shops and supermarkets.  72% of them visit Bellingham at least quarterly (and 25% monthly) to recreate on our trails.  Non-locals responded with 83% preferring All Mountain, 54% Cross Country, 43% Downhill and 38% Freeride.

The characteristics of the 749 respondents are detailed in the document attached.

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