Trail Director Takes Bellingham City Councilman for a Tour of Galbraith

WMBC Trail Director, Eric Brown takes Bellingham city councilman Michael Lilliquist for a tour of Galbraith mountain so that he can experience what mountain biking is like in Bellingham.  Here’s what he had to say.

Should the city invest in recreation and mountain biking on Galbraith Mountain?Galbraith is private commercial forestry land, located just outside city limits, that has also been a popular home for mountain biking and hiking, under a special arrangement with the owners. For several years people have been talking about making this arrangement permanent, through recreational easements and access agreements.The city could be a partner financially and otherwise.

To get a firsthand look and experience it for myself, I accepted an offer to go for a ride today with Eric Brown, Trail Director for the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition. WMBC builds and maintains the trails, and help to police the property so that it can still be harvested for timber.

And I’d like to thank Kevin of Transition Bikes, for loaning me his personal Smuggler to ride. Spoiled me for sure.

Given Bellingham’s reputation as a mecca for outdoor recreation, this seems like a natural fit. Can we have both, and so nearby? This is after all not a pristine forest, but managed timber land. What do you think?

— with Michael Lilliquist.

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