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Meet Mark Belles.  He’s one of the original WHIMPs that started some unofficial trail building on Galbraith in the 80’s. Mark started riding in 1988 and has obviously seen a lot of change in the world of mountain biking. When asked about what he thinks is the greatest thing that has happened to the sport, he answers that it’s the growth and mass appeal to a wide variety of users ranging from kids to seniors and the large variety of riding styles ranging from XC to DH that are now out there.

Mark continues to do what he’s been doing for years and that’s building and maintaining trails and bridges and helping with new routes.  His most recent addition to our trail network are his imaginative, metal trail signs.  His art work greets you when you ride through the Pigs, Bob’s, Lost Giants, Hop Scotch, Dog Patch, Rock’n’Roll, and the Freedom Bridge.

Thanks for bringing some art back onto the mountain and for making our riding experience a little more cheerful!

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