Surfin’ Turf CLOSED. Stumpwater to be CLOSED this week.

On Friday afternoon, we received notice from Whatcom County Parks that they had a crew closing down the Surfin’ Turf trail on Stewart Mountain and plan to close down the Stumpwater trail on Lookout Mountain for riders sometime this week.  Many folks aren’t aware, but they were signed closed over a year ago, but those signs were torn down and people continued to ride the trails.  Please spread the word, folks.

If you’d like to give input or comment on this subject or any other trails on Stewart and Lookout Mountains, you can do so at:

This is a good reminder that we are in the middle of the trail planning process, so everyone’s input and attendance at these meetings is important. You can learn more about that process here:

Below is a brief response/explanation from Whatcom County Parks on these particular closures and where we are in the planning process:

The crew is replacing the closed signs, restorations and fencing that was vandalized on the two unauthorized and unpermitted trail segments.  These areas have been closed since 2013 due to unacceptable liability exposure, resource damage and water quality concerns.

As previously shared, these trails will remain closed until either incorporated into an approved trail system with all the deficiencies corrected or will be fully decommissioned.  We hope riders respect the closures and make efforts to curtail the illegal trail building within their ranks so these issues can be properly addressed in the planning process.  Vandalizing public property and resources only makes it difficult to advocate for this activity and for others to support its allowance in the Lake Whatcom watershed.  I will note that only these two trails are currently closed and we’ve purposely left other unauthorized trails open for use during this interim period.  These other trails will remain open as long as there is no new construction activity or public safety or resource issues.  I ask for everyone’s continued patience so we can successfully get a plan approved and begin the building of the trails system.

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