Volunteer of the Month – Andrew Fletcher-Love

Andrew and John meticulously sweeping and compacting a massive berm.

Andrew and John meticulously sweeping and compacting a massive berm.

Back in October of 2009, Andrew Fletcher-Love put an ad on Craigslist that said: “I build Mt bike parks for your backyard” and he included several pictures of beautiful berms, jumps and pumpers.  A friend saw the ad and sent it to Eric Brown who immediately contacted Andrew via Craigslist.

After several  emails and a conversation over a beer with Andrew, both Eric and Bill Hawk knew that this guy was a pro trail builder and a wizard with a machine.  The timing for that initial meeting couldn’t have been better as Andrew was about to complete his season building elsewhere and we were about to start on a couple of much-anticipated projects.

So, in December of 2009, Andrew, Bill, Eric, Colin Tobin and a builder friend from the Whistler Bike Park, Duncan MacKenzie (RIP), hiked and flagged two machine built trails including the area where “The Luge” was located.  That February, Andrew spent 3 weeks in a mini-excavator expertly crafting Unemployment Line with the help of many trail builders who shaped every jump, pump and berm.  He has since gone back and made some adjustments to the trail, but it largely remains as it was originally built.

Over the past 5 years, the trail’s held up remarkably well – even with minimal maintenance – and is a testament to Andrew’s initial efforts…..it is usually the best draining trail on the hill.  Recently, with the trail in need of some updates, Andrew (aka, Terratactile Trailbuilding) wanted to do more than just give the trail some fresh dirt.  So, he conned/ recruited his good buddy, John Miller, to help shape the dirt and they coordinated their vacations where they spent NINE 12 hour days rebuilding the lower third of the trail with the help of Terrain Gym and Birch Equipment.

If folks haven’t ridden the recently completed trailwork, it’s truly amazing and it’s also given that lower section of trail a whole new life…..it also has two of the biggest berms in Washington State!   Thanks to Andrew and John for the amazing work and a big thanks to Terrain Gym and Birch Equipment for the support on this project!!

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