June 2015 Logging on Galbraith

June Logging Update:

Janicki’s crews are currently logging the lower section on the southside below the pipeline.  That area doesn’t have any trails that are affected, so no closures to report.  That said, please expect increased vehicle traffic on the roads during the next 5 weeks and plan your routes accordingly.

As the loggers leave each zone, we will need folks to help us get these trails cleaned up and re-opened.  Please share with all of your riding friends and respect any trail closures for your safety and the safety of the loggers who are working closely with the WMBC to mitigate damage to the trails.

Zone 2:  Starting on Monday, June 1st, we will be closing From Here to There and 2 1/2 as the loggers move into that zone.

June 2015 - Zone 2 Logging

June 2015 – Zone 2 Logging

Zone 3:  From there, they will move down to the 1200 road and log the Eastern ends of Cedar Dust, Family Fun Center, Candy and the section of SST below the road crossing.  We will aim to have Cedar Dust re-opened as soon as they’ve moved through there to allow northside access, but the other trails will be closed for a longer duration.

June 2015 -  Zone 3 Logging

June 2015 – Zone 3 Logging

Zone 4:  This will affect Hop Scotch and Kaya.  Trail users should expect lots of traffic on Pipeline  Road during this time.

June 2015 - Zone 4 Logging

June 2015 – Zone 4 Logging

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