Kaiser Build Day Recap – Thanks GBRC and Gateway Controls!!

Greater Bellingham Running Club

Thanks to Gateway Controls!

On May 31st, we had a solid crew of 15 folks work on getting an often-used mid-mountain connector, Kaiser, back in good shape for the year.   Major kudos to Greater Bellingham Running Club (thanks Molly Hayes!) for sponsoring the day and providing great treats and food to keep folks going during the day.


Abass shoveling out organic.

With the support of Gateway Controls (thanks Jonathan Huffman!) and their machine,  Devon Pelkie cut in a new exit directly across from Oly the week prior to the build day that now stays above the old perpetually wet zone.   It also meant that the handwork in this section was mostly just raking and getting the trail outsloped and ready to drain in the wet season.  From the new/rerouted section, we headed south where Russ Lambert had already weedeated the entire trail the week prior.

Mary Walker

In the recently brushed clearcut, we focused on trail tread work and getting the trail properly drained.  Devon Pelkie and Ryan Joslyn also got a bridge rebuilt.

Moving dirt!

Devon and his pooch inspecting their handiwork.

Thanks to Tara and Ray Deck for the awesome pics of the day!!

Finished Trail

New Section looking good!