July 20th – Logging and Trail Update

Hi all,
As of last Friday, Janicki’s crews are into the Hopscotch, Kaya, Bunny Trails area.  As such, those trails along with Art’s trail were closed down.  Rock n Roll, Mole Trap and Here to There are still a mess and going to need a lot of work to re-open.  We’ll let folks know when we can get back in there to work on them.
Closed trails:

Rock n Roll, Lower Candy, From Here to There, Ewok Village, Mole Trap, Art’s, Bunny, Kaya and Hopscotch.


Recently opened:

  • 2 ½ was re-opened and brushed by Tom and Russ.
  • Family Fun Center was reopened by Brian Rhodes and the WECU folks.
  • El Pollo Elastico was re-opened and brushed by David Waugh.


Brushing –

With the amount of logging on the hill the past few years, brushing has become WAY more work and increasingly important this time of year.  There’s still a ton of brushing to do, but a HUGE thank you to the following folks for the most recent brushing.  I’m sure I’m missing someone here…  Also, with the severe drought, you’ll notice that the branches are drooping extra low right now and we can always use help walking a trail with a pole saw or loppers and cutting those branches back.

NOTE:  Weedeaters can be used on the mountain right now, but only before 1 PM (Level 3 fire restrictions) and those people need to have a fire extinguisher on their person as they brush.


  • Bandito (north side) – Mike Brodsky and Brian Johnson
  • Cheech and Chongs (Face slappers) – Jon Hereen
  • Whoopsie Woodle – James and Liz Waltman and help from Jackie Yearance
  • Wonderland – Mark Belles
  • Bottle Opener – Jon Hereen and Frankie Choltco-Devlin
  • Happy Hour (including removing the face slappers) – Jon Hereen
  • Kaiser – Russ and Devon
  • Meth Lab – Scott Peele and friends
  • 911 – Steve Vogel and Brenden Pelkie
  • Keystone – Steve Roguski and Fairhaven Runners folks
  • Oly – Ryan Joslyn (Bellingham Cycle Works)
  • New Issues and Last Call – Greg Mroz
  • Art’s, Bunny, Kaya – Devon Pelkie, Tom and crew
  • 3 Pigs – Devon Pelkie with help from fairhaven runner crew
  • Bears and other trails (face slappers) – Rosemary Vohs
  • Mullet – Brian Johnson and Fairhaven Runners crew
  • Rock n Roll (pre-harvest) – Dave Vitt and Kulshan Brewing
  • Mole Trap (pre-harvest) – Russ Lambert and Tom Amend

Thanks again to everyone who’s been pitching in this summer on Galby and Chuckanut.  Once we get some rain, we’ll get going on dirt projects……pray for rain!!  Any questions, just hit us up.

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