Reconveyance: Your Voice is Needed

Stewart and Lookout Mountains flanking Lake Whatcom

Hi all,

First off, we’d like to thank everyone who has attended the reconveyance park planning meetings, written email responses or done both.  It’s obvious that the mountain bike community is passionate about trails in this park and our numbers and well-crafted letters reflect it.  More than 51% of people who have provided feedback (so far) are mountain bikers and if you looked around the room at every meeting, we have been well represented.  Now is not the time to slack off….please send the parks department your feedback!  The deadline is technically November 29th but we’re working on getting an extension.

If you’ve not had a chance to review the Park’s DRAFT plan, it has made great strides in addressing many issues like various trail types, single-use and directional trails and incorporating user-built trails where they make sense.  It also has a good balance for protecting our watershed. You can see the full plan here:

There are two issues in the DRAFT that we find as important and worth addressing. The plan doesn’t include trails in the Repeater Road area of Lookout Mountain and or Surfin’ Turf trail on Stewart Mountain.

Repeater Road (Access and trails):
There are currently 3 user-built trails that are extremely popular – despite the very steep climb.  One issue is access to this area because Repeater Road goes through Sudden Valley – which is private land.  The WMBC is working with Parks department to figure out solutions for access and work with the Sudden Valley Homeowners Association.  We have scouted a Repeater Road to Lookout Road connector which is viable.  There are also issues with having trails exit to Lake Whatcom Boulevard, however, there are possibilities for climbing trails and potential parking at the southern end of the park’s property.

Surfin’ Turf Trail:
This trail was the 2nd most mentioned trail behind Cougar Ridge and is the type of trail that people come to Bellingham to ride.  We presented the parks department with routing adjustments and solutions to address their concerns almost 2 years ago and we still believe those suggested changes are viable.  In the past meeting, there were 117 people that asked the park to incorporate user built trails into the park plan and this is one that many people have expressed a lot of concern about losing.

If these two items or others are important to you, please email the park and let them know that you’d like them to work to figure out solutions to these issues.

We’d also like to let you know that we are pleased with the Whatcom County Parks staff.  They have sat down with our board to learn about the bike community’s needs and work closely with our Trail Director.  We’re excited for the opportunity to work together with the parks and also other user groups to develop a trail plan that includes mountain bike trails from the beginning of the planning process.  The latest draft reflects that the park staff has been listening.  There’s just that last couple of items that we’re working through.


WMBC Board

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