Springtime PSA: Courtesy to Neighbors

Hi folks,

With the great weather and insanely good riding conditions right now, things are ramping up with more folks out riding, running and hiking  on the mountain.  As such, we’d like to send out our Spring courtesy reminder to everyone.  Remember that, while many of our neighbors are passionate bikers, runners and hikers, they also have to deal with a lot of traffic through their neighborhoods on a daily basis.  As such, a bit of extra courtesy really goes a long, long way with our friends who adjoin Galbraith.

Dog etiquette:

  • Please leash your dogs when going to and from the trails on the road.
  • If your dog goes #2, please pick up the dog poop and do NOT leave the bags on the road or trail.


  • Please don’t ride several people wide and block neighbor traffic on the roads.  If you see a car coming/going, please get over and let them pass you.
  • Limit your volume.  You’re riding through people’s neighborhoods, so try to refrain from screaming to your buddies and use appropriate language. There are kids around.  Yes, we’re all stoked from our ride, but keep it to a normal volume please.

Cars and traffic:

  • Whenever possible, carpool or ride to the trails.
  • If you drive to the northside, try to park in Whatcom Falls Park whenever possible.
  • Northside: If you  park on Birch Street, please don’t leave your car doors open or bikes in the road as you’re getting ready to ride or coming back.
  • Southside:  If you’re drive to the Southside, please do NOT park on the North side of Samish Way.  It blocks the view of the Galbraith Lane neighbors as they enter onto Samish Way and it eliminates a safe shoulder for riders to utilize between the parking lot and Galby lane.
  • If you are bringing your kids to the mountain, we ask parents to not drive up Galbraith Lane and drop your kids off there.  We understand the parking lot can be super full and make it difficult to drop them there, but please recognize that it’s a continual source of irritation for the neighbors.  If you’re concerned about them crossing Samish Way, we’d ask you to help them get across safely and then be on your way.

Last, if you see or hear folks doing any of the above, can you please call them out in a respectful manner?  One thing we are really proud of is that folks are good at self-policing ourselves, so if you can help without getting in a confrontation, every little bit helps.   Please feel free to share with your riding and running buddies.

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