Gate off of Galbraith Lane

Hi folks,

The residents that live along the right hand spur of Galbraith Lane that leads to the double gates and the Tower Road (2000 Road) have decided to install a gate that will block public access to the mountain in the near future. This is a private road from the corner and Galbraith trail users have had permission to use it for access until now.  We will continue to have access through the gate at the end of Galbraith Lane via the pipeline road (1000 Road) due to a public right of way.

There are trails from that area that take you back to the Tower Rd (i.e. Last Call, Pipeline and Dog Patch) and we are currently working on constructing an easier and wider connector that will make this detour less of an inconvenience.  Our goal is to get the new connector in place prior to the gate being fully constructed.  The WMBC is also working with the neighbors to ensure trail builders retain vehicle access so we can continue to maintain our trail network.  We ask that you respect the wishes of the Galbraith Lane residents and continue to be courteous as we go through these changes.


Barbara Karabin, WMBC President

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