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In efforts to keep my message simple, I left out the details of what caused the gate go up. The residents living around the perimeter of Galbraith are being directly impacted by its increase in popularity. To help manage this issue, the WMBC has been advocating and educating users about parking issues, dogs off leash, use of vulgar language and noise, and increased vehicular and foot traffic for several years (this was our most recent post in April:…/21/springtime-psa-courtesy-to-neighb…/ ) We have also been working with some of the Galbraith Lane residents for some time to negotiate permission to continue to use the spur, while looking for alternatives to maintain access to the mountain.

Residents on Galbraith Lane have experienced car prowling and note that their private drive is frequently being used for drop off/pick up and turning around in. There have also been several negative encounters during their attempts to ask people to stop. The purpose of the gate is to reduce traffic on the spur, reduce car prowlers, and minimize negative interactions.

This is an unfortunate situation, but I hope that this will create momentum within the city and county and help them speed up their efforts in finding a solution to take pressure off of the neighboring residents. The city and county council are aware of the situation and Eric Brown, our Trail Director, and I will continue to work with them to find a solution. As you may already know, government does not move quickly. It’s going to take all of us to work together to make this change a positive one so please be courteous to the residents and remember that negative interactions will not help the WMBC as we all continue to work together. The gate is still open, the connector is going in, and you can still ride on the mountain. Also, the gate will remain open until the connector is fully built.

Barbara Karabin, WMBC President

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