Summer Supporter Drive


Hi there fellow trail user!

Do you enjoy having 45 miles of amazing trail that’s right here in town?  Did you know that every year, volunteers spend around 10,000 hours grooming, draining, brushing and rebuilding the very trails you’re riding.  This isn’t just on Galbraith though.  We have trail crews working on Blanchard, Chuckanuts, and Larabee State Park as well.

This is just one of the many things that the WMBC does to enhance your riding experience. We are also running lots of kid programs and doing a heck of a lot of advocating towards preserving and developing non-motorized trails and trail access in Whatcom County.

We hope you recognize that it takes a dedicated community to make this all happen and hope that you show off your support with this little sticker.  We want you to be an official WMBC Supporter and show our volunteers that you care and support their work!

Saturday, June 18th is WMBC day on Galbraith. We hope to see people rocking the WMBC t-shirts and hats.  Don’t have WMBC merchandise or a WMBC Supporter sticker? No worries!  We’ll have a tent set up and will be selling merchandise for most of the day.  You can find us at the gravel parking lot across form Galbraith Lane.  Can’t make it out on Saturday?  Here’s a link to our donation page and we can mail the sticker to you! DONATE HERE!


Driving around with a bike rack or bike pad? Then you should get a sticker!


Proud business supporter


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