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A huge thanks to REI and the 60 folks who came out to help dig with us on Saturday….it’s been great to have so many kids out digging this season!  We took a divide-and-conquer approach to the day and worked on the new Cowbell connector, Gate & Switch and Evolution.  Thanks to Bill Hawk, Jim Fricker, Devon Pelkie and Michael Storm for leading the various efforts and Eric Ashley for not only digging, but for snapping some great shots from the day.

Gate and Switch:

Michael led about 25 folks The crew went in to clean up all of the ruts that formed after the recent work in Fall.  The ground was still soft from near-record rains in October and then the freeze/thaw and snow.


Cowbell is a new connector between Lost Giants and Lone Wolf that Devon Pelkie and Russ Lambert have been working on.  Our goal is to create a “stacked loop” system in the Lost Giants area to gives newer / beginner riders more options on the lower mountain.  We got the trail cleaned up, outsloped for drainage and tamped down….there are still 3 REALLY wet sections that are going to need to dry up before we can open the trail up.  Until then, we’re asking folks to stay off of it….thanks!


The first stump drop is getting rebuilt thanks to Jimmy, Bill, Jesse, Jeff and Trevor who were out on Saturday getting posts and stringers in place and moving the split cedar for decking up the hill.  They’re shooting to have it finished by next couple of weeks and it’s still fully taped off….just continue to use the ride-a-round.

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