Earth Day 2017 – Galbraith Clean Up!

As many realize, prior to the roads accessing Galbraith were gated, it was a heavily used party area and a place where garbage, cars and other items were often dumped.

Over the years, we’ve cleaned up various areas of the mountain (and taken a lot of garbage off), but for this year’s Earth Day we decided to make a big dent in the remaining garbage.  A huge thanks to the amazing crew that used this day to help clean up the mountain.  Also, a big thank you to Marty at NW Recycling for donating the metal scrap dumpster and their matching donation program to help support the WMBC!

Items removed from Galbraith on Saturday were:

  • 2 old Cars – Jonathan Huffman brought his mini-ex up on the hill and with the help of Shey and Dan, they got two cars pulled out of the woods onto his flatbed trailer and loaded them into the scrap metal dumpster.
  • Below the Cell Tower’s, we removed a Dishwasher, freezer, car trunk, car door, water heater, many old culverts, old wheels/tires.
  • Old garbage that dumped above the top of the 3 Pigs.
  • Old oil containers from logging operations (not related to Janicki!).  One was still 3/4 full.
  • Old Stunts that were off of Cedar Dust – These were damaged during logging several years ago and were rotting in the woods.
  • Old beer bottles and cans from the top of the Cell Towers.
  • Old metal culverts sitting in the woods off of the tower road.

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