Cedar Dust Trail Day Recap


A great crew for the Cedar Dust Trail day. Thanks to Boundary Bay for keeping the crew fed and hydrated!


Rosemary and her horse came out to help for the day. The kids LOVE hanging with her horses.

The Cedar Dust trail day sponsored by Boundary Bay Brewing was a huge success.  Jimmy Fricker led a crew of about 25 adults and 5-6 kids in all.  The weather stayed nice and the sunshine helped keep everyone warm and dry.  Boundary put on a post-lunch Easter egg hunt for the kids and handed out lots of great prizes and everyone stayed hydrated!   Many thanks to Janet for bringing up YUMMY Mac n Cheese from Boundary for lunch.


Janet brought lots of Yummy Mac n Cheese and snacks to keep the crew going!

Forrest and a few friends worked on the north side entrance to Cedar Dust (near the Ridge) to tighten up the entrance and eliminate the braiding.   They added in a culvert and replanted vegetation in the area to keep riders using the original entrance.

The rest of the crew focused on drainage and brushing throughout Cedar Dust.  The trail should be running really well all summer and will get a bit more dirt work and brushing as needed.

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