Lair of the Bear – Trailday Recap

We had about 20-25 people come out for the Mount Baker Imaging trail day on Lair of

the Bear as part of the WMBC earth day events on Galbraith.

The crew was led by Jeff Jaap and did a ton of organic removal in some of the problem soggy spots near the top which was replaced with rock armoring to prevent the holes from returning. At least 150 large rocks were moved and used throughout the trail.  The largest of them took 4-5 people to move!

A couple corners on the upper third got a little touch up to improve the exit speed, and all the drainage down to the bridge was given a quick cleanup. Things should be in great shape for the spring, and there will be a few more small drainage improvements in the creek and lower sections throughout the summer.

Thanks again to Mount Baker Imaging for hosting the trail day, and keeping the rock moving crew well fed!


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