Craftsmen in our midst

There are many things that make our little bike community awesome, but one element is the amount of pride our folks take in our trails and the areas we recreate!

Whether that involves taking a huge group of women out on the trails, helping with a massive cleanup on Earth day, majestically shaping berms and jumps or taking a group of kids up to work on the trails or just volunteering at one of our events, our community constantly steps it up and blows us away with their support!

There is a smaller group of twisted individuals who continually drop little nuggets around Galbraith for your (and my) benefit.  As just a small example of their work, take a look at the new railing on the Jack and the Beanstalk bridge that Mark Belles created and he and Devon Pelkie recently installed.  The level of detail is over the top!


Next up is another one of Jimmy Fricker’s famous benches that appeared over the weekend at just the perfect mid-ride location…. the top of the 3 Pigs!

A big thanks to these three for their continual love for putting smiles on people’s faces around the hill!

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