Whatcom Falls Pump Track Build Day

We had our first public build day on the pump track this Sunday.  The weather was incredible and the day was a super family/kid-friendly day.  Thanks to our parents, we had lots of groms out with us as well.  Also, many thanks to Nate Champagne for grabbing lunch and provisions mid-day and Bill Hasenjaeger for help digging and taking photos!

Things that we tackled on Sunday were:

  • Moving bark around the grom track and then adding dirt to the sides.  By softening the edges, we made it a bit safer in case the kids go off track.
  • We cleaned up the area around the dispersion trench.
  • We did a lot of grading and clean-up in-between the tracks.
  • Fully rebuilt the one problem berm on the Expert track.  That is a LOT of fresh dirt in it now, so it will be soft for a bit and see more love this week.  With the sunny weather, this should dry up soon though.
  • Added dirt and extended the satellite berm in the back corner of the Expert loop.  This will allow riders to carry more speed into/out of this section.
  • The middle line of the Intermediate track had several berms that got more berms and packing.

We’ve still got lots to do, so we’ll be keeping folks posted about upcoming build days!

Needless to say, everyone is super excited to ride the pump track and it’s still not officially open right now.  Additionally, we are asking folks who do want to give it a go, please no-knobby tires right now.  Knobby tires will dig into the dirt and ruin everyone’s hard work.   Thanks!!

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