Galbraith Brushing Update



A huge thanks to those who have already stepped up to help brush on Galby these past couple of weeks.   With the increased timber harvest in recent years, this has become an increasingly large and important task to take on.

Many hands make for light work!

  • SST / Golden Spike – Fanatik Bike Crew
  • Here to There, Pick up Sticks, Lower Candy, El Pollo connector – Lacy Kemp, Spencer Paxson and Sarah Paxson (with baby Paxson in tow!)
  • Brown Dog, Dos Copas, and Back Door – James and Liz Waltman
  • Pony Express to Brick (3 Pig), Meth Lab – Lincoln Humphrey
  • Tough Love (top) – Tyler Byrnes and EB
  • Tough Love (bottom) – Alex Martin, Chris Luna and EB
  • Devilcross – Matt Shelton and Kona Crew
  • Bandito (south end) – Bill Hasenjaeger
  • Family Fun Center (east end) – Javon Smith and Alex Martin
  • Candy – Tim Williamson, Javon and EB
  • Hopscotch – Chad Anderson
  • New Issues – Chris Rose, Paris Gore, Javon and EB
  • Cedar Dust – Forrest Montgomery, Lincoln Humphrey, Jake, Isaac, and EB
  • Bandito (north end) – Bill Hasenjaeger,
  • Mullet and Cheech and Chongs – Dash
  • Dos Copas (upper) – James Waltman
  • Air Chair (Bottom) / Dos Copas – Ryan Balfour
  • Rock n Roll – Kulshan Brewing / Dave Vitt and crew
  • Mole Trap – Chris Rose
  • Irish Death (bottom) – Steve and Allie Vidito and Jeff Jaap
  • Lair of the Bear (bottom) – Steve and Allie Vidito and Jeff Jaap
  • Bottle Opener – Mike Brodskey, Jon Hereen and EB
  • Kaiser – Phillips 66 Crew and James Steele
  • Oly – Bellingham Cycle Works/Ryan Joslin and “friends of Ed Cruz”
  • Papa Bear  – Todd Wiersum
  • Lost Sole – Todd Wiersum
  • WECU crew / Brian Rhodes – Family Fun Center (50%)
  • The Ridge – Javon Smith / Mike Naselow

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