Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition Supports Sale of Galbraith Mountain


Bellingham with Galbraith Mountain in the background.  Photo:  Nick Kelly


Bellingham, Washington (July 5, 2017) – Eric Brown, Trail Director for the non-profit organization, Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC), has expressed his organization’s support for the sale of the 2,240-acre tree farm on Galbraith Mountain to Galbraith Tree Farm, LLC.  The tree farm will continue to be managed by Janicki Logging and Construction, which has operated the farm since 2010.

“The WMBC is excited about having Galbraith Tree Farm, LLC be the new owners. We already have a positive working relationship with Janicki Logging,” says Brown.

”One of the motivating factors behind the purchase of the tree farm at Galbraith Mountain was our desire to provide continued access to the 45-plus miles of trails that are used year-round by tens of thousands of bikers, hikers, and runners,” says Kiersten Sahlberg, spokesperson for Galbraith Tree Farm LLC.  The efforts of the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition began 31 years ago, when a group of mountain bikers known as WHIMPS began building and maintaining a network of trails. WMBC has been the official steward of Galbraith Mountain since 2002, organizing 50+ trail days throughout the year and thousands of hours of maintenance.

A survey conducted by the WMBC last year found that the trails play an important role in the economic health of the region. “We manage a large network of trails that are not only a destination regionally, but also nationally, and Galbraith is the lynchpin of that network,” says Brown.

The study found that 41 percent of visitors to Galbraith Mountain are from the Seattle/Bellevue area, and 14 percent are from British Columbia. Another 25 percent of respondents were from areas outside of the region and country, including Michigan, Alaska, Utah, Florida, New Jersey, Montana, Texas, California and China.

Closer to home, 61 percent of the study’s respondents who moved to Bellingham/Whatcom County stated that easy access to the trails played an important role in their decision to move to the area. In addition, 82 percent of long-time residents stated that easy access to trails/recreation played a very important role in their decision to stay in Whatcom County.

Brown says that WMBC hopes to build on its alliance with Janicki Logging and the new owner, Galbraith Tree Farm, LLC.

“Janicki Logging shares its harvest plans with us. It also takes steps to avoid impacting high-value trail features and minimizes its trail crossings. Any changes to the harvest plans are communicated with us quickly, and I can pick up the phone to contact the crew with any concerns. We have even walked the trails together when necessary.  The WMBC looks forward to continuing this strong, cooperative relationship with Janicki and Galbraith,” says Brown.


Eric Brown, Trail Director


Galbraith Tree Farm, LLC








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