Whatcom Falls Pump Track Grand Opening Celebration!


Ribbon Cutting!  Photo:  Eric Mickelson

We had an incredible turnout of 300+ folks for the grand opening celebration of the Whatcom Falls pump track.  5 of our 7 City Council members came to show their support and hang out with an amazing group of folks.  Photo credits go to Eric Mickelson.


There are too many people to thank individually, but we need to say THANK YOU to our volunteers….you are what make our little organization what it is in our community.

  • Bellingham Parks and Recreation:  Huge thanks to Josh, Leslie, Nicole and the Park’s Ops team who have supported this effort  from the beginning.
  • Bellingham City Council who voted in favor of this pump track 7-0 and their support at the opening ceremony.
  • Bill Hasenjaeger and the entire Bellingham Parks Board for their support.

Speeches before the ribbon cutting. City Council members:  Pinky Vargas, Roxanne Murphy, Dan Hammill and April Barker were in attendance. Leslie Bryson and Josh Neyman from Bellingham Parks and Recreation. (Not pictured: Michael Lilliquist)  Photo:  Eric Mickelson


The pump track  had a lot of business support and we need to thank the following sponsors and people:

  • REI – Pat Kennedy for a grant that paid for our dirt.
  • Construction by Champion – Chris Luna for all his help getting machinery and advice during construction.
  • Ram Construction – Josh Erholm and Shane Kelling for their machine time and expertise.
  • Gateway Controls – Jonathan Huffman for the use of their mini excavator
  • Transition Bikes – Kevin and Kyle for their support of the WMBC and this project.
  • Crank Brothers – Kellen Trachy, Jill Kintner and Bryn Atkinson provided the seed money that covered our wetland delineation and gave our site the thumbs up.
  • Freeland and Associates – JP Slagle for his design work of our stormwater mitigation system that allowed us to get permits for this project.
  • Fanatik Bike – Luke, Mark, Kathy and Kyle S. for our stormwater basins and sponsoring the grand opening celebration.
  • Momentum Trail Concepts – Steve, Matt and Moga for a great design and build out.
  • Donkelope Bikes – Greg Heath for our job box that will allow us to securely keep our tools on site.
  • Freehub Magazine – The autograph session with Bryn and Jill was amazing.

Erik and Will from Fanatik Bike leading the charge on the BBQ.

Donate to the WMBC! 

The WMBC’s cost for this project was $47k and, while we did raise $20k via businesses, individuals and in-kind donations, we ended up pulling $26k from our general operating budget.  If you’d like to support this project and future pump track projects, please consider a donation to the WMBC!


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