April Trail Building and Event Information

CDC Race – 4/21 – Volunteers needed!

I’m officially putting the call out for volunteers for the Cascadia Dirt Cup.  If you’ve volunteered in the past and know what you want to do, let me know.  As always, we’ll take good care of you with tacos, beer, a jersey and our undying gratitude.  As always, we’ll need course timers, course marshals, EMS folks, parking attendants, beer garden (including setup and takedown) and course sweepers.

“Be Considerate” Springtime PSA:

It’s that time of year again and the trails and parking will be busier than ever soon enough.  So, we have to remind everyone to be extra considerate when using our various the trail networks.  That includes:

  • Be Considerate and friendly to our fellow  trail users whether on bike, foot or hoove.  It’s not too hard to slow down and say “hi” as you pass someone or ask someone if they know where they are going if they look lost.
  • If you’re riding up Birch St. or  Galbraith Lane and a car is approaching, ride single file so the neighbors can safely pass you.  If you are riding on Galbraith Lane and can move over for a neighbor, please do so as soon as possible.  I recently heard about some bikers being really rude to a neighbor who was simply trying to drive down the street to their house.
  • Being considerate to neighbors also includes not leaving your car doors open as you get ready, leaving your bike in the road, letting your dog run all over the place, blasting music, changing clothes, etc.  Pretend that you live on their street and treat it as such.
  • Leashing your dog to and from the trailheads and picking up your dog crap….AND not leaving the bag on the side of the road/trail.  We all know that everyone’s dog is perfect and would never take a dump in the neighbors yards, but do us all a favor and use your leash while on the roads to/from the trails.

Upcoming build days and projects on the schedule:

  • This Sunday April 8th – Cedar Dust Trail day – sponsored by Boundary Bay Brewing:    This is being led by Javon Smith with the plan to get it dialed in before spring and summer hits.  They will be meeting at the Samish lot at 9 or on the trail at 9:30 near the Rock n Roll intersection.  Lots of goodies from our friends at Boundary Bay Brewing.  More info. here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1693384207374156/
  • Saturday, April 21 and May 5th – Mullet trail days – Sponsored by Brownlie, Wolf and Lee and being led by Bill Hawk.  As is tradition, we’ll be meeting at the Samish lot at 9 AM for these and carpooling up from there.  More info. here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/181124175858276
  • Saturday, Aprils 28th –Chuckanut Trail Day – This day will focus on getting any repairs done on the trail tread from the CDC enduro race.
  • June 2nd – National Trails Day – This is a split day where we’ll be working on TWO projects with the folks from Washington Trails Association, Backcountry Horsemen, Whatcom Land Trust and other groups.

o   The first is a cool project with the DNR on Blanchard where we’ll be working on a short re-route to a user-built trail that goes into Lily and Lizard Lake from the North side of the mountain.

o   On Lookout Mountain, we’ll be  kicking off a full 4 months of work planned with Whatcom County Parks and the City of Bellingham.  There will be more of a game-plan for those projects soon, but mark your calendars and we hope to see a big turnout at both events!

April 28th  WMBC Joyriders Spring Kickoff:

The ladies are meeting at the Southside lot at 10 and riding ‘til 1.  Then, they will head to Kulshan on James for a post-ride party.  More info. here:



Bears and Goldilocks Logging update:

The loggers were still pulling logs off the Papa, Baby Bear and Goldilocks area as of last Friday.  As soon as I hear that we can get in there to assess the state of those trails, I’ll let you know.  If you want to help get them opened back up, please reach out to me asap.  The tree planters are going to be in this zone almost immediately, so it will be extra important to try to get it reopened ASAP.

House for Sale on Galbraith lane:

If any mountain bikers are looking for a place near Galby with lots of land, Joan just put her place on the market and is moving to Lynden.


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