Spring/Summer Youth Programs

WMBC Youth Education is just finishing up with all our spring programming.          Getting kids outside interacting with the natural world is our Education focus.

Spring recap:

After School Rides: We had a record amount of schools and riders participating this spring in our After School Ride Programs. Elementary, Middle, High School and Flying Squirrels girls group that reached out to many different abilities in our community.  We had close to 300 kids participating in rides all spring.593A1BB8-7313-4E5F-B54A-420C43A07689

Vamos Outdoors Project: 12 Latinx youth participated in this spring After School Ride Program. This underserved population had the chance to learn how to ride mountain bikes on Galbraith Mountain 1x a week this spring. They worked on their bike handling skills along with 2 service learning/trail build days. Their dedication and progression allowed them to make it to Unemployment Line, Mullet and Cheech & Chongs. The excitement after riding these trails was high and we extended our schedule an extra 2 weeks. This summer has 4 ride days scheduled, and we are working on expanding this program for the fall. The word has gotten out to other kids on how much fun riding mountain bikes is (we know that!)!. This program was made possible by generous grants from Phillips 66 and Kona Bikes. A51CCDA4-FB10-4ABC-97A7-2F36AA0A89F9photo courtesy Paul Kelly

Youth First Aid Class:We offered a youth first aid class for grades 5-12 led by Marie Bussard (one of our local paramedics and firefighters). This will be offered annually and is targeted for youth riders in our community that are starting to ride or now riding without adult. The goal is to provide them with some useful strategies to deal with a medical mishap on the trails.

Youth Trail Corps: We offered a total of 4 Youth Trail Corps days this spring. This  mostly middle school group spends part of the day working on a trail project on Galbraith Mountain, lunch provided, and the other part riding bikes as a group on Galbraith with some of our awesome trail build leaders, Dale Shahan, Bill Hawk and Shamash Campbell.  They did some fantastic projects this spring.

We are hosting a one week summer camp August 12-16 for this crew. YTC Summer Camp Registration Information

YTC Summer Camp 2019

8C112BE4-F88C-4BEE-85B7-2AAF83E084B0Spring 2019 YTC Day 

Rodeos: WMBC funded 17 of the 26 Bike Rodeos run by Chris Mellick/RRAD held annually at all Bellingham Public Elementary schools and Whatcom County. The Bike Rodeos are a highlight for many of the kids. We get lots of feedback that this is one of their favorite days of the year. AB1566A7-E274-43DF-B9A2-2B1745F25A6E

Service Learning: WMBC funded the middle school service learning project for 8th grade youth at Shuksan and Fairhaven Middle School. Youth learn about building and maintaining trails as well as helping Chris Mellick/RRAD out with the Bike Rodeos. 28 kids participated this spring.SSTTrailday-7

Ride Leader Certification: We funded 24 Ride Leaders this spring through the BICP and Zoae Spackman. If you are interested in starting your own group or want to connect with an existing group contact chardotw@gmail.com91F605BE-2BE7-4DAB-AFE4-E0566F324F55

Thanks to the following businesses that have helped make these programs possible:

Kona Bikes, Fanatik Bike,  Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery,  Fairhaven Bicycles, Transition Bikes, High Above Designs, Dakine, Bellingham Cycle WorksNorthwest Recycling, Trailboss USA, Erin Baker Cookies, RRAD, Bex DesignLiet Unlimited, BICP and Prevelo Bikes.

Any questions or interest in supporting any of these programs? Contact Education Director Char Waller at chardotw@gmail.com


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