Whatcom World Cup #1 Recap – Mullet to Cheech and Chong’s Wild Ride

Trevor Weston jumping before road on Mullet. Photo: Erik Arcus

A huge thank you to our volunteers, 78 racers, photographers (Erik Arcus and Tony Lathrop), timers (Marc and Corbin) and hecklers who came out to brave the elements last night for our first-ever Whatcom World Cup.   Our first racer dropped in at 6:10 and we were done by 7:30’ish in a gnarly rainstorm.

Bryan Robertson on the slick Mullet bridge Photo: Erik Arcus

To call last night”wet” would be an understatement, but no one batted an eye and there were smiles all around.  In fact, it was so wet that Marc’s keyboard for his timing system got drenched and so we couldn’t determine the results last night.  Big props to Marc and Corbin from Pacific Multisport for fitting our series into their already busy schedule!

Gus Rodriguez corning on Mullet Photo: Erik Arcus

We elected to start the WWC series of with a couple of old favorites and both Mullet and Cheech delivered a fun course for our racers.  Hope to see folks next week…the course will be announced on Tuesday!

Full results are in the links below:

2019 Whatcom World Cup Results – Age Categories

2019 Whatcom World Cup Overall Results (week 1)

Image Gallery from Tony Lathrop.

Pete Sharp pinned before entering Chech and Chong’s  Photo: Erik Arcus

Our tentative Schedule and more details about the Whatcom World Cup can be found here.


Cory Rand in the heavy rain on Cheech and Chongs Photo: Tony Lathrop

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