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Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day, Sunday October 2nd


Need Volunteers for National Public Lands Day / Build Day in Larabee on Saturday 9/24

Hi folks,

The rain and cooler temps are finally back and we are celebrating National Public Lands Day by giving some love to the trails on Larrabee State Park.  In particular, our plan is to get Double Black and Double Down back in shape after a long, dry summer and the extra traffic from our recent Enduro race.

Please note that we are looking for a volunteer coordinator to help our trail leader (Jeff Jaap) tomorrow.  The job would include helping sign people in, picking up lunch and maybe coffee/snacks, and just being around to help our volunteers feel comfortable.  If you’re interested, please email Jeff at

Time and Location:
We are meeting at 9 AM at the Lost Lake (aka, Clayton Beach) parking lot which is by the bathrooms and Fragrance Lake Road. We’ll have coffee/bagels for the AM and lunch in the afternoon.

What to bring:
As usual, dress for the weather, bring some water or snacks and boots/gloves for working. We’ll have plenty of trail tools ready to go.

** PLEASE NOTE: Discover Passes are NOT necessary for this day.

Evil Cascadia Dirt Cup

cascadia2016_d4005point bellingham

Hi Everyone!

It’s going to be a fun weekend here in Bellingham with the combination of both the North American Enduro Tour coming to town and the 5 Point Film Festival!  We want to provide a brief summary of the events and hope to see you out there as a spectator or racer.

First off, enduro racers have a chance to practice the marked, opened but unsanctioned course in the Chuckanuts starting at noon, Friday the 26th.  Here’s a link to the course maps: Also on Friday is the packet pickup/rider’s meeting at Fanatik Bike Co, from 5-7pm with fun contests (bring your bike!), door prizes and 1 free beer for those 21 & over.  Racers must still check in on race day to get your timing chip.  The 5 Point Film festival will be showing their first series of crazy, wild outdoor films at the Mt. Baker Theater from 7pm- 10pm

Satuday the 26th is the big day! If you’re coming out to heckle and cheer please consider carpooling, riding your bike, and/or parking at the Fragrance Lake/Clayton Beach parking lot.  Bring your Discover Pass.

Here’s the schedule:

8am-9:30am is the packet/timing chip pickup, 8:50am racer call ups start, 9am beginner’s load shuttles
9am is the first wave off , 3:00pm is the racer cutoff and finally, the awards ceremony takes place at 3:30pm.

But we’re not done yet!

The 5 Point Film Festival has offered to provide a free shuttle from Larabee State Park to the Mt. Baker Theater for the second showing of some radical, adventurous outdoor films.  So if you’re camping out at Larabee you can continue to celebrate in down town Bellingham.  The shuttle van will be departing from the parking lot closest to the amphitheater at 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm and will be returning to Larabee at 10:30pm and midnight.

Are you a racer or a volunteer?  Keep reading on.

We’ve given the Mt. Baker Theater ticket office a list of all of our wonderful volunteers so if you are a volunteer and decide to go to film festival, give them your name and they’ll take $3 off you ticket.  If you’re a racer, show the ticket office your number plate and you also get the $3 discount.

Pheeew…. Well that’s about it.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us at  Be safe, have a great weekend, and good luck out there!

Volunteers Needed for Chuckanut Enduro Race

Chuckanut Cascadia Dirt Cup Enduro/North American Enduro Tour Saturday August 27th

cascadia dirt cup
Hi There!

We’re looking for volunteers for the national enduro event.  There will be three courses for the different classes at this enduro, which means we need a lot more volunteers than usual. If you’re around for the whole day, or just in the morning or afternoon please let us know because we have a job for you!

We take good care of our volunteers at this event and will provide coffee and breakfast in the morning.  There’s also lunch and a beer in the afternoon!

If you are interested in helping out as a timer, parking attendee, course marshal, course sweep, EMS, etc., let us know at


Galbraith Lane Gate Closure

Direct access to the Tower Rd (RD 2000) is now closed and a reroute is still in the process of being built. The only gate open for public access is at end of Galbraith Ln (RD 1000). Last Call will be closed temporarily until the reroute has been completed and detour signs and mini maps have been set up at the base of the hill to help you navigate through the changes.
Galbraith is a really busy hill and all public traffic is now be funneled straight through Galbraith Ln. Please be courteous to the residents by keeping your pets on a leash, picking up your poo bags, and respecting people’s private properties.  This a shared space that we’re lucky to use. Thank you for your patience and for all of your support!


Trail Day on Saturday June 18th Sponsored by Trailhead Athletics

If you’re sick of stinging nettles or terrible sight lines on your favorite trail(s), then tune up that weedeater and/or leaf blower and help us out this coming Saturday morning at 9 AM.  This is a brushing day to clear plant growth over the trails. It’s going to be a “divide and conquer” approach. The central meeting spot will be at blue rock.   There will be someone available to direct you to where to go to help.  If you don’t have a weedeater, come anyway and we’ll pair you with someone who has one so that you can work as a team and rake debris off the trail.  Meet at the Galbraith Lane parking lot at 9am and we’ll shuttle you up.


Last Call Temporarily Closed

Morning folks,

The section of Last Call between the road sections is currently CLOSED as we work on the new connector. Please do a quick detour on the road and use the old spur where the trail touches it for a few feet. We’ll put up signs today to direct folks as well.


last call

Summer Supporter Drive


Hi there fellow trail user!

Do you enjoy having 45 miles of amazing trail that’s right here in town?  Did you know that every year, volunteers spend around 10,000 hours grooming, draining, brushing and rebuilding the very trails you’re riding.  This isn’t just on Galbraith though.  We have trail crews working on Blanchard, Chuckanuts, and Larabee State Park as well.

This is just one of the many things that the WMBC does to enhance your riding experience. We are also running lots of kid programs and doing a heck of a lot of advocating towards preserving and developing non-motorized trails and trail access in Whatcom County.

We hope you recognize that it takes a dedicated community to make this all happen and hope that you show off your support with this little sticker.  We want you to be an official WMBC Supporter and show our volunteers that you care and support their work!

Saturday, June 18th is WMBC day on Galbraith. We hope to see people rocking the WMBC t-shirts and hats.  Don’t have WMBC merchandise or a WMBC Supporter sticker? No worries!  We’ll have a tent set up and will be selling merchandise for most of the day.  You can find us at the gravel parking lot across form Galbraith Lane.  Can’t make it out on Saturday?  Here’s a link to our donation page and we can mail the sticker to you! DONATE HERE!


Driving around with a bike rack or bike pad? Then you should get a sticker!


Proud business supporter


More on Galbraith Gate

Hello Again,

In efforts to keep my message simple, I left out the details of what caused the gate go up. The residents living around the perimeter of Galbraith are being directly impacted by its increase in popularity. To help manage this issue, the WMBC has been advocating and educating users about parking issues, dogs off leash, use of vulgar language and noise, and increased vehicular and foot traffic for several years (this was our most recent post in April:…/21/springtime-psa-courtesy-to-neighb…/ ) We have also been working with some of the Galbraith Lane residents for some time to negotiate permission to continue to use the spur, while looking for alternatives to maintain access to the mountain.

Residents on Galbraith Lane have experienced car prowling and note that their private drive is frequently being used for drop off/pick up and turning around in. There have also been several negative encounters during their attempts to ask people to stop. The purpose of the gate is to reduce traffic on the spur, reduce car prowlers, and minimize negative interactions.

This is an unfortunate situation, but I hope that this will create momentum within the city and county and help them speed up their efforts in finding a solution to take pressure off of the neighboring residents. The city and county council are aware of the situation and Eric Brown, our Trail Director, and I will continue to work with them to find a solution. As you may already know, government does not move quickly. It’s going to take all of us to work together to make this change a positive one so please be courteous to the residents and remember that negative interactions will not help the WMBC as we all continue to work together. The gate is still open, the connector is going in, and you can still ride on the mountain. Also, the gate will remain open until the connector is fully built.

Barbara Karabin, WMBC President

Gate off of Galbraith Lane

Hi folks,

The residents that live along the right hand spur of Galbraith Lane that leads to the double gates and the Tower Road (2000 Road) have decided to install a gate that will block public access to the mountain in the near future. This is a private road from the corner and Galbraith trail users have had permission to use it for access until now.  We will continue to have access through the gate at the end of Galbraith Lane via the pipeline road (1000 Road) due to a public right of way.

There are trails from that area that take you back to the Tower Rd (i.e. Last Call, Pipeline and Dog Patch) and we are currently working on constructing an easier and wider connector that will make this detour less of an inconvenience.  Our goal is to get the new connector in place prior to the gate being fully constructed.  The WMBC is also working with the neighbors to ensure trail builders retain vehicle access so we can continue to maintain our trail network.  We ask that you respect the wishes of the Galbraith Lane residents and continue to be courteous as we go through these changes.


Barbara Karabin, WMBC President