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Fall/Winter Education Programs

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     WMBC-YTC: Youth Trail Corps

Ever wondered about how the trails you ride your mountain bike on Galbraith get built and maintained? Interested in getting to know a great group of kids and accruing community/service learning hours? WMBC’s YTC program is here for you!  YTC was formed over 2 years ago and we are now going into our 3rd season.

The Youth Trail Corp crew has done great work adopting Galbraith Mountain’s TAP trail: Cheech and Chongs’ Wild Ride. Many hours of sweat equity went into improving this trail last season. The kids were integrally involved in planning, reshaping of jumps, helping design, build and install the new wood berm which created an extension of the rock berm, installation of culverts, drainage, removal of old wood features, brushing and more.   

YTC                                                              Photo courtesy of Eric Ashley                                                                  

YTC is all about: Trail Science and the art of building and maintaining a good trail, having fun outside, tool safety and maintenance, learning about and adhering to IMBA and WORCA Trail standards, native plant Identification, teamwork, building wooden features, spending all day outside in all kinds of weather, cooking outside and a host of other topics that are integral to being a proficient trail builder, (not to mention the hot cocoa!)  Our 2018-19 season will continue with a total of at least 9 planned trail days through the spring for the 2 separate groups this year. 

YTC “Alders” Middle School Group Trail Dates: October 20 and November 17.  We will continue work on Cheech and Chongs’ doing routine maintenance, improvements and applying YTC’s Trail Science. Each trail day starts with meeting at the Samish Way Parking Lot at 9:00 with bikes, water, helmet, appropriate layers for seasonable weather and a snack. We then ride up as a group to our designated base camp for the day. Kids will experience being outside all day working with youth crews and Trail Crew Leaders and learning some educational components of Trail Building. We stop for a hot lunch, (provided by WMBC) and a few breaks during the day. We wrap up the day at 1:30, jump on our bikes and ride down together to the Samish Parking lot at 2:00 to meet parents for pick up.

YTC Cedars: Middle/High School- Fall dates for Cedars group are Purple Fridays, October 19 and November 2.  Same meeting schedule as last year. 9am -2pm              

This group has been involved for the last 1-2 years in our program and have covered a variety of trail building basics. If you made it to at least 4 trail days last year you have “graduated” to the Cedars group.  (If you have other trail building experience please contact )  Cedars group is  ready to tackle a variety of new  trail building challenges on Galbraith Mountain as well as other locales in Whatcom County.                



Fee: YTC trail days cost per day will be a $40 fee + Annual WMBC family membership($60)  This creates a sustainable program, pay some of the trail builders for their time and provide lunches ( which the kids love!)

I appreciate hearing from you on any ideas that will help our program thrive!  If you know of any middle school kids that might be interested in YTC please contact me at                                                                   

Scholarships are available if the fees present your family with any hardship.

Huge thanks to all our volunteer trail builders that have been involved with this project. They have spent many hours with the kids teaching their particular specialty. Jesse Griffen, Jon Hansen, Jeff Jaap, Chris Luna, Bill Hawk, and Byron Cleary and Bill Hasenjaeger.

To attend any YTC trail day please make sure you are up to date on following:

YTC Alder and Cedars Sign up Links

Other YTC Programs

YTC/Vamos Outdoors: We are running a pilot YTC program this fall for some ELL kids in our community and are providing an opportunity to participate in 3 after school rides and 1 trail day. This new program will likely be shaping a vital branch of WMBC/YTC by reaching out to kids that might never have a chance to get out on the trails. If you see them out on the trails, please give them a high-5!  We are excited to see old and new faces out on the trails this year! YTC is a crucial link to engage our community of youth in outdoor educational experiences! Come join the fun!

YTC.VamosOutdoors                                                                       Vamos Outdoors YTC Group

YTC- Service Learning:  We provide funding for Service Learning Days ranging from Middle School 6 week program to 1-day trail maintenance class. Schools like Options High School, Fairhaven and Shuksan Middle Schools are participating and learning how to build and maintain trails. For some of these youth, it is their first time on a trail!

Grants and support for YTC from: Superfeet, Whatcom Community Foundation, Phillips 66, TrailBoss, Transition Bikes, Fanatik Bikes, RRAD and our generous business and individual donors to WMBC have all helped this program succeed.


After School Ride Groups

This fall we have several ride groups regularly meeting after school to take kids out riding on Galbraith.

Do you have interest in starting a after school ride group?

WMBC offers a 1 Day Ride Leader Certification course through BICP in early spring to teach how to lead groups out on trails. This year the course is on March 16. Please contact me to be added to the list for this course.  Are you a committed teacher/parent and are wanting to start leading your own group or expanding a current group you have been riding with? WMBC will cover the $200 tuition for this course.

flying squirrels 2018 Flying Squirrels After School Ride Group!

***Weather: Any scheduled trail or ride events are cancelled in the case of: wind advisory, snow on the mountain that limits vehicle access or an “atmospheric river” event. 

WMBC’s mission statement: to preserve and enhance non-motorized trail access through education, stewardship and advocacy.  

WMBC Education Corner- Spring Program Update

Youth Trail Corps


WMBC has created  a new and thriving youth trail building program: WMBC-Youth Trail Corps Established Winter 2017.

The conception of the YTC was focused towards 100 Acre Woods or Fairhaven Forest. Historically, many decades of trail and jump building exist in these lovely woods. The recent purchase of this land by the City of Bellingham has changed the focus of the forest from imminent development into a natural forest preserve. CCFPD (Chuckanut Community Forest Park District) commissioners are managing this forest until the city takes it over, and it is in thanks to their efforts over many years that this forest was saved from development. The CCFPD is upset with youth building jumps and trails in this forest over the years resulting in momentum to press charges against many of the youth involved in building jumps.  

One of the main goals in launching the Youth Trail Corps was to teach our youth how to take this negative friction and create conflict resolution,. We took many measures over this last year to create a connection between these two user groups as well as propose a strategy to create a sanctioned area within the boundaries of 100 Acre Woods for the youth to build jumps. The WMBC-YTC spent over 200 hours breaking down old jumps, narrowing trails, working on the new bike park design, removing many invasive blackberry plants, creating a powerpoint  presentation to the board and replanting degraded areas with ferns and native plants. The presentation, along with many other overtures between WMBC, CCFPD and City of Bellingham, created a strong working relationship that the youth were able to see and take part in. CCFPD Commissioners were convinced that the steps we took, and our designated bike park proposal moving forward would be a good solution to the problem. Intolerance has turned into cooperation.The board is willing to move forward with the proposed bike park area and we are waiting for this approval to come to fruition. It will likely take some time for any more forward progress of this bike park.

Rather than lose momentum with this fantastic group of kids, we currently have shifted our energies to Galbraith Mountain…

WMBC-YTC has officially adopted Cheech and Chongs trail and we have a thriving pre-teen/teen program that meets regularly to learn all about the many different aspects of trail building. We  have over 30 kids actively participating in this program. WMBC has contracted Javon Smith, one of our local trail builders, to develop and lead these youth in a trail building program that encompasses teamwork, leadership and all aspects Trail Science: soils, hydrology, native and invasive plant species, building features, culverts, trail flow etc. Javon is doing a fantastic job with these kids! Check out Cheech and Chongs trail, it is running fine and new features are evolving.  Heads up that one feature is under construction this Spring.                                                                                                     We are stoked to foster the next generation of trail builders in our unique mountain bike culture in Whatcom County.  

Huge thanks to all our volunteer trail builders that have been involved with this project. They have spent many hours with the kids teaching their particular specialty. Jesse Griffen, Jon Hansen, Jeff Jaap, Chris Luna, Bill Hawk, Byron Cleary and Bobby Terry.

Grants from: Whatcom Community Foundation, Phillips 66, New Belgium Brewery and our generous donors to WMBC have made this program possible.                                  If you know of a middle or high schooler  interested in getting involved, contact WMBC for more information. 


Bike Rodeos: Did you know that WMBC sponsors all the Bike Rodeos in Bellingham Public Elementary Schools and many throughout Whatcom County? We provide funding, insurance and support to contract Chris Mellick/RRAD to host Bike rodeos which gives every elementary aged youth in our community the opportunity to get out and ride a bike, some for the first time ever. Every year this program alone reaches over 7,000 youth throughout Whatcom County.

Thanks to Northwest Recycling for offering to match any metal recycled! This is an ongoing offer. Just mention you are donating your metal recycling to WMBC and it will be matched!

Thanks to Superfeet for welcoming us at your “Giving Fair” this year! Employee owned Superfeet were given the choice on where their donation funds to go  this year. As a way for WMBC to show our appreciation to Superfeet employee donations to us; and recognizing that Superfeet is based in Ferndale, we immediately funded all 3 Ferndale Elementary Schools for Bike Rodeos back to the Ferndale community.


After School Ride Program: 11 Bellingham Elementary schools in Bellingham School District host after school rides, including 2 girl specific ride groups this Spring for an average of 1x/week for 6 weeks. WMBC sponsors Ride Leader Certification through BICP every year, and also offer insurance, apparel and logistical support. This Spring we have 16 new ride leaders certified.


From what I’ve seen so far, the kids rides are going great!

flying squirrels 2018

Service Learning:  We provide funding for Service Learning Days ranging from Middle School 6 week program to 1-day trail maintenance class. Schools like Windward and Options High School, Fairhaven and Shuksan Middle Schools participating and learning how to build and maintain trails. For some of these youth, it is their first time on a trail!


Want to support these programs? Here are some things you can do to be involved:

  1. Become a WMBC member: Individual, Family, Business. December Membership Drive! | WMBC
  2. Volunteer:  we can use help in many ways: trail work, office work, media, outreach: we can find a spot if you would like to get involved.
  3. TAP: your business can adopt a trail and be a part of our trail adoption program.
  4. Fund specific programs you want to support.
  5. Donate to our general fund and we can apply it to what we need help with the most.