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Shoot The Trails 2018 Winners

Shoot the Trails Recap is available HERE


Galbraith Parking Lot Fundraiser information is

available HERE

New Parking Design: 140 Stall Design from JP Slagle

2017 Annual Report

Hot off the presses is our 2017 annual report filled with all the exciting projects we completed last year. 2017 was a busy year and with your support our plans for 2018 are even bigger.


Ridge Alternate Climb Trail Update

Date:                           March 25, 2017

Trail:                           Ridge (Alternate Climb – name tbd)

Trail Adopter:           Jack’s Bicycle Center / Queens of Dirt

Trail Leads:               Chris Mellick, Csaba Horvath, Javon Smith

# of Volunteers:         38

Total Duration:         9am – 3pm

Total Hours:              225 (a few volunteers came late and early, most took 30 minutes for lunch, crew leaders spent extra time for setup and breakdown)

March 25 Trail Day Before & After

Trail Work Completed: Despite cold and rainy weather, 38 volunteers showed up on Saturday to help cut new line as a continuation of our alternate single-track climbing route up to the Ridge lookout. We had a mix of experienced and new builders, and encountered some tricky challenges hiding along the route we had flagged, but made a lot of progress! Removed all organic, built 8 switchbacks and completed tread in some areas. It is “rideable” but not complete. At the end of the day, we flagged both ends of the new section to discourage riders and let all the freshly moved dirt settle. We still need to complete the tread in some areas, fine-tune some switch-backs, add armoring in other sections, as well as naturalize the entire route.


2016 WMBC Annual Report

We just put the finishing touches on our annual report. 2016 was a huge year for the WMBC with some amazing accomplishments that you can see in the report. We want to thank everyone who helped us make this year so productive and can’t wait for 2017 to continue this momentum.


Get Your Video and Photo Submissions In For Shoot The Trails

Just a little reminder that there is a October 5th deadline for video and photo submissions for the 5th annual Shoot The Trails awards. This is our biggest event of the year and a community favorite so get your submission in and be part of the show.

Shoot The Trails 2015 Trailer from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

WMBC Bike Rodeo at Roosevelt

Thank you SO much to those of you who have helped put together the skills courses and encourage budding shredders over obstacles! Your time and effort is much appreciated by us, the students, the schools and the parents. Here is a video from the event to enjoy.
 June is the last month of school before summer vacation which means it’s also the last month to volunteer at a rodeo before next fall! Here are the dates for upcoming rodeos and other special events:
Tuesday, June 9 – Columbia Rodeo
Wednesday, June 10 – Silver Beach Rodeo
Tuesday, June 16 – Carl Cozier Rodeo
Wednesday, June 17 – Wade King Rodeo
Friday, June 19 – Happy Valley Rodeo
Saturday, June 27 – Kids Traverse (Volunteers needed for this fun event too!)
If you want to help volunteer for any of these rodeo events, Contact the WMBC.

This Is How We Build Berms

Great shot from local photographer Brandon Sawaya of Lars Sternberg on some of Andrew’s new dirt work on lower U-Line on Galbraith.


Volunteer Of The Month Jimmy Fricker

If you’ve ridden some of the updated bridges on the mountain or plopped down on the recent cedar benches, you have been touched by the hands of Jimmy Fricker!  😉

Jim, aka the Cedar Slayer, has been riding and building on the hill for over 15 years and his passion is as strong as ever.  You can often find him in the hinterlands of the mountain while splitting cedar or prepping materials for future bridges.  All of the materials for two big projects this past year, the Freedom Bridge and the Evolution Stinger rebuild  (and many more), were from Jim’s hard effort.

Thanks for all you do, Jimmy!


Evolution Trail Day Recap

It’s been awhile since we gave one of the most popular trails on a mountain some much needed love. Thanks to Burlington Physical Therapy for sponsoring the day and also to Fairhaven Pizza for donating half of the pizzas to feed our crew. We focused mainly on the lower section reshaping jumps, adding dirt to features and berms as well as reworking a couple jumps. Definitely worth getting up there and experiencing how good that trail is running right now.

Annual Board Retreat

Just finished up your annual board retreat and working on plans for the upcoming year and beyond.  Super productive retreat that definitely left us excited about this upcoming year. We have some big plans for the future with education, advocacy projects, new trails and events in the mountains.  More than ever we are going to need the support of our community so please reach out to us if you want to help volunteer or donate.


Val, Eric, Barbara, Thad, Kevin, Hale, Blake, Jeff