Board Members and Staff

The  Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalititon is a 501c3 non profit organization with a 7 person board of directors. In addition to the board members the WMBC utilizes key volunteers to help keep the organization running. Below is a list of board members and volunteers that help make the WMBC what is it today.

ERIC BROWN (Staff/Trail Director)

Eric has a long history of trail building and advocacy in the Pacific Northwest.  Eric and his family moved from Seattle to be closer to trails and the outdoors.  Eric currently manages all the relationships with the land owners including Galbraith Mountain, Whatcom County Parks and Larrabee State Park as well as creating trails plans for future trail projects. Eric can also be seen organizing and running one of the many WMBC trail building days throughout the year. Contact Info:


Barbara grew up in Bellingham and started mountain biking in high school.  As she became more involved in the sport, she joined the WWU Mountain Bike Team and became president of the WWU AS Cycling Club. After graduating, she went to the University of Washington to become a physical therapist and quickly realized that getting to a decent trail from the big city was far too difficult. She returned to Bellingham after graduating and is now happily involved with the WMBC, practicing physical therapy, and stoked to have Galbraith in her backyard. Barbara served for 2 years on the board as the Volunteer Coordinator before stepping into the president role. She uses her excellent leadership and organizational skills to keep the momentum going.

VAL THOMPSON (Vice President)

Val has been part of the Bellingham mountain bike community for over 18 years and loves to go for long epic XC rides. She owns her own massage business and keeps many local mountain bikers from getting sore.  Val heads up many of the wonderful events that the WMBC holds every year including the incredibly popular Shoot the Trails fundraiser every fall.

KEVIN MENARD (Treasurer)

Kevin  is co-owner of Transition Bikes and has lived in Bellingham for over a decade. After starting his business in Seattle and deciding to move closer to mountain bike trails, he got involved with the freeride trail building crew on Galbraith and help build Evolution, one of the first freeride lines on the mountain. Ever since that day he has been hooked on trail building and making Bellingham a true mountain bike destination for all types of riders. Kevin enjoys all aspects of mountain biking from downhill to pedaling long miles in the Chuckanuts and Galbraith.


More to come….

CHAR WALLER (At Large/Director of Education)

Char has been passionate about mountain biking since 1984. She has raced professionally while based in Breckenridge, Colorado, culminating in racing on US National team at UCI  World Championships in Italy. Being Education Director is an honor, and she is looking forward to helping the branches of our youth programs work towards a common goal: offering all youth in Whatcom County the opportunity to experience the joy of mountain biking, building and maintaining trails, stewardship, leadership, team building and spending more time outside.  Currently, along with volunteering her time as Director of Education, she is a mountain bike instructor and coaches junior girls. She moved to Bellingham in 2006 and lives  with her husband, Dan, her daughter, Rose, one dog, 2 cats, and 6 chickens.  Contact Info:

JEFF JAAP (Secretary)

Jeff moved to Bellingham 15 years ago to attend Western Washington University’s engineering program where he raced with the Mountain Bike Team.  After graduating he chose to stay in Bellingham due to our growing trail network and active mountain biking community.  He enjoys all types of riding from long XC rides to steep, technical DH runs.  He has been involved with trail building and maintenance on Galbraith and the Chuckanuts for the last several years and recently finished Happy Hour.


Heather moved to Bellingham in 1997 after visiting just once and seeing all of the outdoor recreational opportunities the town has to offer.  Heather is an attorney with the firm of Brownlie Wolf & Lee, LLP and practices business and real estate law.  She is an avid cross-country mountain biker and spends most of her free time biking and/or hiking the local trails.  Heather looks forward to promoting increased trail access and the benefits of our local outdoor recreation economy.