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Shoot the Trails 2017

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Whatcom Falls and Pump Track Etiquette


Baker Dupree getting laps on the pump track.

Hi all,

It’s been great to see folks out using and enjoying the pump track.  I always see someone riding when I swing by or ride though.

A few things we’d like to emphasize as being good stewards of the pump track and Whatcom Falls Park.  Remember that one huge strength of our community is our ability to self-police….so, if you see someone doing these things,  gently remind them about what they’re doing is wrong and why it has a negative impact.  In the end, this is a community-created resource and we’d really like to build more in other parks – which requires all of us to pitch in and help.

Basic Rules and Etiquette:

  1. Bikes only on the pump track!  Please, no scooters, rollerblades, skateboards, RC cars, pogo sticks or any other device that doesn’t remotely look like a bike.  Small wheel on things like rollerblades and other items dig into the dirt, degrade the track faster and will make maintenance a larger issue.  RC cars tear the living crap out of the dirt.  No exceptions here.
  2.  Please respect folks who are playing basketball.   We’ve heard from people that are really stoked about the pump track, but say they regularly have people ride right through a game or while they’re shooting hoops.  This is a really simple thing to help avoid.  Is someone playing basketball?  Get off the court or remind a rider about it.
  3. When you’re riding through the park (to get to the pump track, head to Galby or even passing through the park), please ride slow and be courteous to other park users.  This truly is a universal etiquette item, but with more bike traffic in Whatcom Falls park, we really want to emphasize that even more here.  Take a few seconds to slow down and give a “hello” or “how ya doing?” as you pass other trail users.  It’s amazing how far a little courtesy goes!
  4. No walking on top of the berms or sides of the pumps.   This can help break down the dirt and is another maintenance item.
  5. If you think the track is dusty and could use some water, grab a hose and spray it down.  If you have questions, ask another ride or email the wmbc at:

Below are our official rules and etiquette signs, but the above items really cover 90% of the issues we’ve seen so far.  Thanks again for all of the help and we’ll see you on the track!



Help the WMBC Joyriders Collect a Mountain of Food

The WMBC Joyriders are hosting a month-long food drive called Mountains of Food starting August 15 and ending September 14 to benefit the Bellingham Food Bank. You may drop off donations at any participating bike shops.

The participating shops are Alleycat Bike Shop, Bellingham Cycle Works, Earl’s Bike Shop, Fairhaven Bicycles, Fanatik Bike Co., The Hub Community Bike Shop, Jack’s Bicycle Center, The Kona Bike Shop, Kulshan Cycles, Lenny’s Bike Shop, Mister Lost’s Mobile Bike Shop and Transition Bikes. While we will accept all non-perishable food donations, we are looking for high protein items such as nut butters, hearty canned soups, canned tuna, protein bars, shelf stable milk and cereal. Help us collect Mountains of Food!

Whatcom Falls Pump Track Grand Opening Celebration!


Ribbon Cutting!  Photo:  Eric Mickelson

We had an incredible turnout of 300+ folks for the grand opening celebration of the Whatcom Falls pump track.  5 of our 7 City Council members came to show their support and hang out with an amazing group of folks.  Photo credits go to Eric Mickelson.


There are too many people to thank individually, but we need to say THANK YOU to our volunteers….you are what make our little organization what it is in our community.

  • Bellingham Parks and Recreation:  Huge thanks to Josh, Leslie, Nicole and the Park’s Ops team who have supported this effort  from the beginning.
  • Bellingham City Council who voted in favor of this pump track 7-0 and their support at the opening ceremony.
  • Bill Hasenjaeger and the entire Bellingham Parks Board for their support.

Speeches before the ribbon cutting. City Council members:  Pinky Vargas, Roxanne Murphy, Dan Hammill and April Barker were in attendance. Leslie Bryson and Josh Neyman from Bellingham Parks and Recreation. (Not pictured: Michael Lilliquist)  Photo:  Eric Mickelson


The pump track  had a lot of business support and we need to thank the following sponsors and people:

  • REI – Pat Kennedy for a grant that paid for our dirt.
  • Construction by Champion – Chris Luna for all his help getting machinery and advice during construction.
  • Ram Construction – Josh Erholm and Shane Kelling for their machine time and expertise.
  • Gateway Controls – Jonathan Huffman for the use of their mini excavator
  • Transition Bikes – Kevin and Kyle for their support of the WMBC and this project.
  • Crank Brothers – Kellen Trachy, Jill Kintner and Bryn Atkinson provided the seed money that covered our wetland delineation and gave our site the thumbs up.
  • Freeland and Associates – JP Slagle for his design work of our stormwater mitigation system that allowed us to get permits for this project.
  • Fanatik Bike – Luke, Mark, Kathy and Kyle S. for our stormwater basins and sponsoring the grand opening celebration.
  • Momentum Trail Concepts – Steve, Matt and Moga for a great design and build out.
  • Donkelope Bikes – Greg Heath for our job box that will allow us to securely keep our tools on site.
  • Freehub Magazine – The autograph session with Bryn and Jill was amazing.

Erik and Will from Fanatik Bike leading the charge on the BBQ.

Donate to the WMBC! 

The WMBC’s cost for this project was $47k and, while we did raise $20k via businesses, individuals and in-kind donations, we ended up pulling $26k from our general operating budget.  If you’d like to support this project and future pump track projects, please consider a donation to the WMBC!



We’ll cutting the ribbon on Wednesday, August 9th to officially open Bellingham’s first pump track!
Come on down, join in on the fun and pump the track with Professional DH mountain biker Jill Kintner.
Fanatik Bike will be bringing demo bikes for you to try and firing up the grill!
Hope to see you there!

Time: 5:30 pm to 8pm


Civic Field DJ Park Build Day 8/12/17

There will be a build day at the Civic Field Dirt Jump Park this Saturday. Come out to throw some dirt around (they have hose so it’ll stick!) We’ll work form 9am till noon and then I’ll be grilling burgers and handing out drinks. Afterwards, a photographer from the WMBC JoyRiders will be there to take jumping shots of everyone for their food drive. Bring the bike, bring the kids and let’s ride and dig! Questions? Email

Pump Track Build Day this Sunday the 16th

We’re aaaaaaaaaalmost done.  Please join us on Sunday to help finish putting up the last bit of fencing, haul some dirt and spread out some beauty bark. Build day starts at 10 am and we might wrap up around 3 or 4-ish.

Alert: Upcoming Timber Harvest and Spraying Plans

Hi all,

The Janicki crews are about to start a month of harvest activity on Galbraith.  As such, there will be more vehicle activity during the weekdays, so please be courteous and move over when you come across a logging truck during the day.  Also, it is imperative that these closures are respected for your safety and the crew’s safety.

We will sign and flag the trails as closed on the following dates, but these dates are always subject to change.

Cedar Dust – July 10 -24th

Please Use Family Fun Center while all timber activity is taking place on Cedar Dust.

  1. July 10th – 17th – Cutting
  2. July 17- 24th – Log hauling

Cedar Dust Logging. July 10-24th

Oly, 187, Lost Sole, Cougar  – July 17th – 31st.

Please use Vitamin R or Kaiser to avoid this area.

  1. July 17th – 24th – Cutting
  2. July 24th – 31st – Log hauling
187_Oly_Cougar_Lost_Sole_Logging_July 2017

Oly, Lost Sole, Cougar and 187 Logging. July 17-31

Lower Mullet, Upper 911 and Jack and the Beanstalk – July 31st – August 14th

Do not exit from Kaiser on to Mullet.  For 911, use Cheech and Chong’s

  1. July 31st – August 7 – Cutting
  2. August 7- 14 – Log hauling

Mullet and 911 Logging – July 31 – Aug 14


Road spraying:  There will be one day  in August (Date – TBD) of a FULL MOUNTAIN CLOSURE due to spraying on every single road.

Aerial Spraying:  There will be several days where certain trails / areas will be closed due to aerial spraying.  TBD on specific trails and dates.

We will update you on the above dates as soon as we  know.


Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition Supports Sale of Galbraith Mountain


Bellingham with Galbraith Mountain in the background.  Photo:  Nick Kelly


Bellingham, Washington (July 5, 2017) – Eric Brown, Trail Director for the non-profit organization, Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC), has expressed his organization’s support for the sale of the 2,240-acre tree farm on Galbraith Mountain to Galbraith Tree Farm, LLC.  The tree farm will continue to be managed by Janicki Logging and Construction, which has operated the farm since 2010.

“The WMBC is excited about having Galbraith Tree Farm, LLC be the new owners. We already have a positive working relationship with Janicki Logging,” says Brown.

”One of the motivating factors behind the purchase of the tree farm at Galbraith Mountain was our desire to provide continued access to the 45-plus miles of trails that are used year-round by tens of thousands of bikers, hikers, and runners,” says Kiersten Sahlberg, spokesperson for Galbraith Tree Farm LLC.  The efforts of the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition began 31 years ago, when a group of mountain bikers known as WHIMPS began building and maintaining a network of trails. WMBC has been the official steward of Galbraith Mountain since 2002, organizing 50+ trail days throughout the year and thousands of hours of maintenance.

A survey conducted by the WMBC last year found that the trails play an important role in the economic health of the region. “We manage a large network of trails that are not only a destination regionally, but also nationally, and Galbraith is the lynchpin of that network,” says Brown.

The study found that 41 percent of visitors to Galbraith Mountain are from the Seattle/Bellevue area, and 14 percent are from British Columbia. Another 25 percent of respondents were from areas outside of the region and country, including Michigan, Alaska, Utah, Florida, New Jersey, Montana, Texas, California and China.

Closer to home, 61 percent of the study’s respondents who moved to Bellingham/Whatcom County stated that easy access to the trails played an important role in their decision to move to the area. In addition, 82 percent of long-time residents stated that easy access to trails/recreation played a very important role in their decision to stay in Whatcom County.

Brown says that WMBC hopes to build on its alliance with Janicki Logging and the new owner, Galbraith Tree Farm, LLC.

“Janicki Logging shares its harvest plans with us. It also takes steps to avoid impacting high-value trail features and minimizes its trail crossings. Any changes to the harvest plans are communicated with us quickly, and I can pick up the phone to contact the crew with any concerns. We have even walked the trails together when necessary.  The WMBC looks forward to continuing this strong, cooperative relationship with Janicki and Galbraith,” says Brown.


Eric Brown, Trail Director

Galbraith Tree Farm, LLC







Galbraith Brushing Update



A huge thanks to those who have already stepped up to help brush on Galby these past couple of weeks.   With the increased timber harvest in recent years, this has become an increasingly large and important task to take on.

Many hands make for light work!

  • SST / Golden Spike – Fanatik Bike Crew
  • Here to There, Pick up Sticks, Lower Candy, El Pollo connector – Lacy Kemp, Spencer Paxson and Sarah Paxson (with baby Paxson in tow!)
  • Brown Dog, Dos Copas, and Back Door – James and Liz Waltman
  • Pony Express to Brick (3 Pig), Meth Lab – Lincoln Humphrey
  • Tough Love (top) – Tyler Byrnes and EB
  • Tough Love (bottom) – Alex Martin, Chris Luna and EB
  • Devilcross – Matt Shelton and Kona Crew
  • Bandito (south end) – Bill Hasenjaeger
  • Family Fun Center (east end) – Javon Smith and Alex Martin
  • Candy – Tim Williamson, Javon and EB
  • Hopscotch – Chad Anderson
  • New Issues – Chris Rose, Paris Gore, Javon and EB
  • Cedar Dust – Forrest Montgomery, Lincoln Humphrey, Jake, Isaac, and EB
  • Bandito (north end) – Bill Hasenjaeger,
  • Mullet and Cheech and Chongs – Dash
  • Dos Copas (upper) – James Waltman
  • Air Chair (Bottom) / Dos Copas – Ryan Balfour
  • Rock n Roll – Kulshan Brewing / Dave Vitt and crew
  • Mole Trap – Chris Rose
  • Irish Death (bottom) – Steve and Allie Vidito and Jeff Jaap
  • Lair of the Bear (bottom) – Steve and Allie Vidito and Jeff Jaap
  • Bottle Opener – Mike Brodskey, Jon Hereen and EB
  • Kaiser – Phillips 66 Crew and James Steele
  • Oly – Bellingham Cycle Works/Ryan Joslin and “friends of Ed Cruz”
  • Papa Bear  – Todd Wiersum
  • Lost Sole – Todd Wiersum
  • WECU crew / Brian Rhodes – Family Fun Center (50%)
  • The Ridge – Javon Smith / Mike Naselow