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It takes a community of volunteers and donors to keep the WMBC running and we want to acknowledge our supporters with a lovely sticker. Put it on your car or bike and show others that you support your local mountain bike organization!


The table below shows the donation level and examples of how your financial contribution can be used to help the WMBC manage its ongoing projects and programs that include education, advocacy, and trail maintenance. You will receive a Supporter Sticker with your annual donation.


Donation Level Examples of how your donation help the WMBC
$25     –     Chain –          Five pairs of work gloves for trail building-          One folding hand saw-          Eight, 5-gallon buckets
$50    –    Cassette –          Two shovels-          One pick mattock-          One rogue hoe
$100   –    Drivetrain –          One wheelbarrow-          Chainsaw protective headwear and chaps
$250   –    Aluminum –          Feeds 25 volunteers at an organized trail build day-          One chainsaw-          One weed whacker and fuel
$500   –     Steel –          Purchase of a chainsaw and safety gear-          Funds one Trail Building Academy
$1000  –   Titanium –          Certifies two youth mountain bike instructors/ride leaders-          Supports the maintenance of one established trail for a year
$5000  –   Carbon –          Certifies ten  youth mountain bike  instructors/ride leaders-          Covers the cost of 14 kids attending a 5-day bike skills camp-          Enclosed cargo trailer outfitted with basic trail building equipment.


Here’s what we are currently working on for 2015/2016 that your donations are needed to make happen:

    • Secure recreation on Galbraith Mountain FOREVER and develop a skills area, parking, and a place to host events.
    • Creating pump tracks and skill zones in city parks.
    • Working with US Forest Service to re-route Canyon Ridge Trail.
    • DNR trail planning process to establish authorized trails in Whatcom County.
    • Expand youth education and riding programs.





Donations are tax deductible!  EIN: 20-4994769

If you’d prefer to donate to the WMBC by check, you can send those to:


P.O. Box 1011

Bellingham, WA 98227