Looking for people to ride with?  Check this website to see where the weekly group rides are.

If you host a weekly group ride, please send me an e-mail with the following information (  Meeting Location, Time and day the ride typically takes place, Style of riding and/or ability level (i.e. XC/beginner), Average riding time/distance, Website/Facebook page/contact info that guests can use to check the ride status.

 WMBC Group Rides

What:                    WMBC hosts monthly group rides

Time/Day:           9:30 am. Once a month on Saturday. (May 11th, June 22nd, July 20th, and Aug 10th)

Location:              Meet at the Galbraith Lane gravel parking lot

Style of Riding:  Any type.  Beginners, kids, free riders, epic XC riders… we’ll have a trip for you!

Average Time:   2-3hrs

For more info:   Check out WMBC’s website/Facebook page for updates

Earl’s Girls Ride

What:                    Ladies, come on out to the Earl’s Girls Ride.

Time/Day:           Thursdays during the summer, usually at 6-6:15pm

Location:              Typically Miranda Trail Head entrance but sometimes we ride the South Side.

Style of Riding:  Any type. We encourage beginners to come out and try biking.  The trails we ride are based on a group decision. There’s lots of stopping to talk/session/cheer and high-five while we practice technical sections and features.  Stay and hang out at the after ride drinks and snacks.

Average Time:   2-3hrs or before it gets too dark

For more info:   Check the Facebook site or call Earl’s Bike shop at (360) 746-2401

Bellingham Unicycling Rides

What:                    Come on out for a weekly group ride!

Time/Day:           Saturdays at 9am

Location:              Meet at the Galbraith Lane gravel parking lot

Style of Riding:  One of the riders is pregnant while the other rides a unicycle….  Given the circumstances, they’re pretty intense.  Their favorite trails are Evolution, Unemployment Line, Mullet, Atomic Dog, Cheech and Chong, Whoopsie Woodle, and anything also that fits the bill.

Average Time:   2hrs

For more info:   contact Mark or facebook us at “Bellingham Unicycling”

Fanatik Bike Shop Women’s Rides

What:                    Fanatik Bike Shop is hosting a variety of rides ranging from mountain bike rides, road rides, and beer cruisers.

Time/Day:           Different times of day.  June 21st, July 31st, August 14th,  August 28th, September 25th

Location:              Different for each ride

Style of Riding:   Different for each ride

For more info:   Contact Kathy at  or check out Fanatik’s website/Facebook page for more info

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