Trail and Event Update

A few quick updates for you all.


Recreation NW Expo:

Swing by and say hi to us at the Recreation Northwest Expo Saturday at the Fairhaven Ferry Terminal.  We’ll be there along with many other recreation groups from 1-6 PM and we’ll talking mountain biking and trails (of course).  If anyone is interested in volunteering and helping me out a bit tomorrow, I’ll gladly reward you with some schwag and beer…..just shoot me an email!


Freehub Trail day:

Bill Hawk and Brandon Watts will be leading crews on Evolution and PT à Eagle Scout tomorrow.  Meeting at the Samish Way lot at 9 AMif you’d like to help get those dialed for spring.  If you’re planning to ride tomorrow, please avoid those trails….thanks!  More details here:


Upcoming Logging:

I’ll be meeting with Janicki’s crew on Monday, but they are planning to begin logging West of the Pipeline Road in the Kaya, Bunny and Art’s area next Thursday.  We’ll get in there early in the week to flag the heck out of the trails, so their machine operators can limit trail damage, but those trails will be closed until further notice beginning early in the week.


Also, there will be a LOT of truck traffic on the Pipeline Road while harvest activity is taking place.  As such, we’ll ask folks to try to ride from the north side or begin your rides after mid-afternoon when their crews are off the hill.  If you encounter logging trucks during a ride, we’d ask you to please pull over and let them pass through since we only have one entrance/exit on that side of the hill now.


Have a great weekend everyone.




Eric Brown

Trail Director, Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition

High School Mountain Bike Team


Turning scrap metal into WMBC youth programs!


Northwest Recycling’s Community Donation Bin benefiting the WMBC!

Do you have unwanted metal laying around?

What metals are allowed??

Ferrous Metals: Junk cars, scrap steel, cast iron, appliances, oversize iron

Non-Ferrous Metals: Aluminum, aluminum cans, stainless steel, copper, brass, zinc, lead, insulated copper wire, shavings, radiators, batteries, circuit boards, starter and alternators, electric motors, transformers, copper compressors.

ALL Proceeds go to these Youth Education Programs:

• RRAD Mountain bike balance and safety course
• RRAD Trail building course/Middle School Service Learning projects
• After school mountain bike clubs
• Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

If you have questions or need help moving larger items, please contact Chris at

Thank you for your support! Every little bit helps.  Also, many thanks to  Northwest Recycling 

Advocacy Alert! Blanchard Update and Evergreen Lobby Day


Fall Sunset from North Butte. Photo: Nathan Hoch

Hi folks,

Below are a couple of opportunities to get involved and help make a difference locally and statewide.

Blanchard Mountain Update:

Here’s a quick update on the effort to preserve the core 1,600 acres on Blanchard Mountain.  The Governor has added $1.5 MM towards Blanchard in his biennium budget, but that is $6.2 MM short of the final goal.  Please join a virtual town hall meeting with Representatives Kris Lytton and Jeff Morris on Thursday, February 9th at 6 PM to discuss options to help save the Blanchard Core from future timber harvest.  Details are below:

Thursday, February 9th at 6 PM     –    Phone #:  1-877-229-8493 AND ENTER PIN # 116359.

Background:   On February 9th at 6pm, there will be a virtual telephone town hall meeting being facilitated by state legislators Jeff Morris and Kristin Lytton.  A representative from DNR will begin the meeting with an overview of the history of the Blanchard Strategies Agreement. Then representatives Morris and Lytton will talk and then there will be a chance to submit a question. The aides will curate the questions and choose representative questions that allow the ensuing discussion to cover the range of issues that are of concern.  You can learn more about Blanchard here.

What can you do right now to help? 


Evergreen Lobby Day – February 22nd in Olympia

Get involved!  Join Eric Brown and like-minded riders from around the state as we meet with our representatives and discuss how we can continue to make Washington the best place to ride mountain bikes.  The only requirement for this is to be passionate about trail access and mountain biking.  Evergreen will have meetings scheduled for us with our legislators and will help with a morning training session on topics.  If you’ve ever wanted to get involved in government, this is a fantastic opportunity in a low-stress, fun manner.  Bellingham folks will carpool down to Oly together, so if you intend on going and register, please let us know and we will figure out driving logistics.

Registration Info and more details here:



All Out 2017 – Sponsored by REI

rei logo


A huge thanks to REI and the 60 folks who came out to help dig with us on Saturday….it’s been great to have so many kids out digging this season!  We took a divide-and-conquer approach to the day and worked on the new Cowbell connector, Gate & Switch and Evolution.  Thanks to Bill Hawk, Jim Fricker, Devon Pelkie and Michael Storm for leading the various efforts and Eric Ashley for not only digging, but for snapping some great shots from the day.

Gate and Switch:

Michael led about 25 folks The crew went in to clean up all of the ruts that formed after the recent work in Fall.  The ground was still soft from near-record rains in October and then the freeze/thaw and snow.


Cowbell is a new connector between Lost Giants and Lone Wolf that Devon Pelkie and Russ Lambert have been working on.  Our goal is to create a “stacked loop” system in the Lost Giants area to gives newer / beginner riders more options on the lower mountain.  We got the trail cleaned up, outsloped for drainage and tamped down….there are still 3 REALLY wet sections that are going to need to dry up before we can open the trail up.  Until then, we’re asking folks to stay off of it….thanks!


The first stump drop is getting rebuilt thanks to Jimmy, Bill, Jesse, Jeff and Trevor who were out on Saturday getting posts and stringers in place and moving the split cedar for decking up the hill.  They’re shooting to have it finished by next couple of weeks and it’s still fully taped off….just continue to use the ride-a-round.

WMBC Calendar!

Don’t forget to stay up-to-date on our trail days and you can subscribe to our Google Calendar if you have a Gmail account.

Help the WMBC build pump tracks in 2017!

Future Pump Track in Whatcom Falls park!

Future Pump Track zone in Whatcom Falls park!

Did you Know?

  • The WMBC has already received approval from City Council for a pump track in Whatcom Falls Park!
  • We will be proposing 2 more pump tracks in Bellingham City parks in 2017?
  • The Whatcom Falls Pump Track will be 16,500 square feet (1/3 of an acre) in size.
  • It will accommodate ALL levels of riding and have a separate pump track for groms and beginners.
  • The pump track is being designed and co-built by Steve Wentz –  one of the best pump track builders in the world – along with further design and testing input from pump track champion (and good friend), Jill Kintner.
  • The Whatcom Falls pump track will cost an estimated $30,000 for the construction, storm water remediation, permitting, and signage.  That is a fraction of what other similar-sized public pump tracks cost around the country.

The Whatcom Falls pump track and similar projects only take place because of the amazing volunteer efforts and the financial support of our members!   It’s that passion and support that is turning Whatcom County into a mountain bike mecca and will further allow the WMBC to lead the way on future projects.

Please consider supporting the WMBC with a donation during our end-of-the year Annual Supporter Drive.

See you on the trails!

Eric Brown

Trail Director, WMBC

Draft Design of Whatcom Falls Pump Track

Design (Draft) of Whatcom Falls Pump Track


Steve Wentz and Jill Kintner sketching up initial designs at Whatcom Falls.

Steve Wentz and Jill Kintner sketching up initial designs at Whatcom Falls.


EB, Steve Wentz and Jill Kintner discuss layout design at Whatcom Falls.

Eric, Steve Wentz and Jill Kintner discuss layout design at Whatcom Falls.


Queens of Dirt Trail Day on 12/18/16 Cancelled

The Queens of Dirt Build Day on 12/18/16 has been canceled and postponed for next year. Enjoy the snow and ice!

2016 WMBC Annual Report

We just put the finishing touches on our annual report. 2016 was a huge year for the WMBC with some amazing accomplishments that you can see in the report. We want to thank everyone who helped us make this year so productive and can’t wait for 2017 to continue this momentum.


Ladies Night at the Burlington BMX Track on 12/8/16


Free ladies night at the new indoor BMX race track on December 8th from 6pm to 9pm.

Location is at Northwest Indoor BMX Racing on 1970 Walton Dr. Burlington, WA 98233

Donations to benefit WMBC JoyRiders and youth programs.

If you want to carpool meet at Fanatik @5:30pm.

More info on this event page: Burlington BMX Ladies Night


Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center Award

Just wanted to throw this out in case you wanted a recap.  There are some pretty amazing people in our community and it’s definitely worth watching the other recipient videos if you want to feel even better about Bellingham.