SST Trail Day Recap

A huge thanks to the 47+ volunteers who came out to give upper SST a MAJOR dose of love on Saturday!!  Not only did all of the berms and jumps get a lot more dirt, but the trail got fresh drainage the whole way down to the 1200 road.

We are asking folks to give the trail a few days to settle in and compact before riding it.  Below the 1200 Road and rock drops is still open and we’ll have the upper section opened up by Turkey day.

Thanks to Eric, Jadyn, Luke and the rest of the Fanatik crew for their support and plenty of food and drinks for everyone.

The next gen learning the ropes.  Photo:  Eric Ashley

The next gen learning the ropes. Photo: Eric Ashley

So much fresh gold thrown on SST!  Photo:  Eric Ashley

So much fresh gold thrown on SST! Photo: Eric Ashley

Kicking off the day with the game plan.  Photo:  Eric Ashley

Kicking off the day with the game plan. Photo: Eric Ashley

We Won!


Eric Brown is receiving the Environment Award at the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center Peace Builder Awards Gala on November 18th.  The event honors people who “perform remarkable acts of putting the pieces together for creative conflict resolution in neighborhoods, schools and community.” The WMBC can proudly say that Eric has done that and we are so fortunate to have him with us and in our community.  Eric, thank you for bringing land managers and mountain bikers to the table and finding constructive solutions where all parties can benefit and thank you for giving trail users the ability to play and build in the woods and the opportunity to shape our future.

Here’s a link to more event information:

This is an article from the Bellingham Business Journal regarding the event:

Whoopsie Woodle Update

Thank you Jeff Jaap and your fellow crew of dedicated volunteers for committing 5 days (and over 60 hours) to clearing the tree debris on Whoopsie!  The trail is open but there’s a lot of fresh mud on it so we ask that you give it a few days to dry before riding it.

Larabee Trail Day Summary

Thank you to the 18 volunteers who showed up and helped give Double Down a little face lift yesterday.  We worked on smoothing out some gnarly break bumps and ruts and did some drainage work.  The dirt in some places was still surprisingly dry but overall is holding a lot better.  There are a few soft sections so we ask that you give the trail a few days to settle before riding it. Thank you!



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Saturday (10/29) Trail Day at Larrabee State Park

Hi folks,

We are planning to take advantage of the upcoming rains and we’ll be working at Larrabee State Park again.

We are meeting at 9 AM at the Lost Lake (aka, Clayton Beach) parking lot which is by the bathrooms and Fragrance Lake Road. We’ll have coffee/bagels for the AM and lunch in the afternoon.

As usual, be prepared for inclement weather, bring some water or snacks and boots/gloves for working. We’ll have plenty of trail tools ready to go.

Advocacy Alert! Help support the WWRP!

WWRP supports outdoor recreation and preserving natural spaces

Support the WWRP!

The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) supports outdoor recreation and preserving natural spaces in Washington State.  Please take 2 minutes to sign on to a letter asking our legislature to continue funding their programs at the same (or better yet, higher) level.  This funding will be helping the WMBC as we start to get authorized trails going with the DNR and other land managers.

If you’d like to read their full letter, you can do so here:

We’re Launching an Online Store!



Looking for something to keep you warm this fall?  The WMBC is launching an online store and is including some new, neat clothing items such as colorful hoodies and Sock Guy wool socks!  Check out the site and let us know what you think.  WMBC ONLINE STORE

Greenways Levy Doorbelling and Leaflet Dropping Oct. 22nd


The Greenways Program has made a hugely postive impact around Bellingham over the past 26 years connecting our neighborhoods and develping our parks. The Greenways 4 Levy is on the November Ballot and the WMBC is helping to support this effort!

If you’d like to see more trail and park develpment around Bellingham, we are planning to spend a morning talking to our respective neighbors about the Greenways Levy. We’ll be meeting at Sustainable Connections at 10:30 and then spread out after we get ourselves organized.

More about this upcoming levy can be found here:

Some of the goals for the latest Greenways Levy.
– Create public trails and parks on our future downtown waterfront
– Secure funding to maintain our parks, trails and natural spaces
– Provide funds that allow for community resiliency
– Permit the completion of a trail network through our growing community
– Ensure development and ecological restoration to park sites previously acquired


Saturday 10/15/16 Trail Day Cancelled

Saturday’s trail day is cancelled!!

Amber Forest at Larrabee and they will be closing the day use areas, campground and Cleator road for the weekend due to the potential of very high wind gusts.

In the interest of everyone’s safety, we’re going to reschedule our trail day on Double Black and Double Down. We’ll reschedule and let everyone know the new date.

Be safe this weekend folks!

2016 Shoot the Trails Awards contest winners

Another Shoot the Trails Awards is in the books! Thank you to all of our generous supporters who donated to the event and our fabulous volunteers who make all this happen!
And, thank you to the photographers and videographers who submitted to the contest….Here are the winners!

1st Place Video: Trail Etiquitte with Chaz by Kevin Menard

2nd Place Video: When Your Mom Comes Riding by Scott Wilson

3rd Place Video: Don’t Move to B’ham by Andy Grant

4th Place Video: Galbraith Girls by Brian Bressler, Miles Stephenson, William Master Yinson

5th Place Video: Wait for me by Michelle Bates, Devon Bumstead,
Hudson Jacobs, and Miles Freelan

Honorable Mentions went to Joe Balsiger for his two videos:

Jake on Bob’s II

Sophia’s Pump Track Time

1st Place Photograph: Brad Walton


2nd Place Photograph: Willard Master Yinson


3rd Place Photograph: Eric Mickelson


4th Place Photograph: Brad Andrew

Forgotten Trails

Northwest winters are cold, dark and wet. The combo of the three makes for some amazing settings in the woods. Rob Kunch flys down an abandoned trail just outside the Galbraith Mountain Trail System in Bellingham, WA

5th Place Photograph: Chris McFarland